One of the first things most car accident victims do following an accident is either file an insurance claim with their insurer or the carrier of the at-fault party. While there is nothing wrong with a victim filing an insurance claim as this is exactly what insurance is for, it can become an issue when the carrier doesn’t want to cover a claim or undervalues it. And this is where a car accident attorney in Fort Walton Beach, FL can help.

As much as drivers rely on their insurers to protect them after an accident (e.g. cover their medical bills, pay for other losses, etc.), insurance carriers don’t always provide claimants with the coverage they expect to receive. In fact, some insurance carriers will often try and settle with a car crash victim shortly after a wreck to prevent him/her from having time to assess their damages and determine what they are actually worth. Although a quick payment can be helpful, especially to those who are in a financial rut or are unable to work because of their injuries, it doesn’t help a victim to walk away from a claim with medical bills they cannot afford.


So, what should an auto accident victim do after a collision?


Before an accident victim provides statements to their insurer or the other driver’s carrier and begins discussing settlements, they should contact Browning Law Firm to discuss their case with a car accident lawyer. The accident attorneys at Browning Law Firm have the skills and knowledge needed to review a victim’s case to determine if the insurer is handling their claim fairly and/or if the amount being offered is what they are actually entitled to receive.

If the insurer isn’t paying what a claimant deserves given the injuries he/she suffered, a Fort Walton Beach, FL car accident lawyer can then initiate the negotiation process. Although many car crash victims are under the impression that they must accept what the insurance carrier is offering them, the truth is, they have every right to negotiate the amount offered in the settlement if the policy limits allow for this. Claimants should be aware that an insurance company is only liable for covering a claim up to the limits the policyholder purchased.


Hiring a Car Attorney to Handle the Negotiation Process


If a claimant believes their claim has been undervalued after a car crash, they can hire a car accident lawyer in Fort Walton Beach, FL who can negotiate the settlement offer. Browning Law Firm has a great deal of experience with handling car accident cases and would be happy to help a claimant fight for the compensation they are due.


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