Accident Involving Self-Driving Uber Vehicle in AZ Prompts the Company to Suspend its Fleet of Vehicles in Pittsburgh

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Uber has suspended its fleet of self-driving vehicles in Pittsburgh after one of its SUVs was involved in a deadly accident in Tempe, AZ. Earlier in the month, an Uber driver was put behind the wheel of a self-driving automobile, although the vehicle could have been taken over by the operator at any given time. Video footage surfaced showing the woman who was behind the wheel of the vehicle checking her phone and then looking up only to find that the SUV had hit a pedestrian who was crossing the street with her bike. That woman has been identified as 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg.

This is now the second accident involving a self-driving Uber vehicle and back when that collision occurred, it prompted the company to put a halt on its fleet at that time as well. While it is clear we are going to witness some kinks in all the innovative technology that is continuously rolled out, at what price is it going to cost us? Our lives?


Uber Could be Facing Legal Ramifications for the Death of Herzberg


A personal injury lawyer spoke out on the matter and said that she hopes “Herzberg’s death slows down the development and deployment of self-driving cars until there are rules and laws in place to protect people in and around the vehicles”[Source: TRIB Live]. She believes that society is moving rather fast in trying to get this technology on the road. And perhaps she has a valid point.

Uber has grown tremendously over the course of the last few years, however, this accident involving their self-driving vehicle could put a damper on the company’s progress. Uber may be forced to answer some legal questions and other companies might find themselves faced with similar questions if they plan to roll out the same type of rideshare vehicles. Not only will Uber get some backlash from this fatal accident, but they may be found at-fault for it as well.

Until all the evidence is thoroughly reviewed, officials won’t place the blame on any party just yet. But, if Uber isn’t found to at-fault, perhaps one of the equipment or technology suppliers they use could be. And if the surviving family of Herzberg wanted to, they could file a civil claim against Uber in an attempt to hold them accountable and fight for compensation for the loss they have had to take.


Does the surviving family have a chance at winning their case?


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If it can be proven that Uber or one of the companies it is affiliated with was negligent in one way or another, the family does stand a chance at winning their case. In all actuality, anyone who has lost someone they love to an auto accident or suffered an injury themselves can take legal action against the party in an attempt to collect compensation.

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