According to California law, drivers who find themselves in collisions must stop at the scene of the accident and they must exchange contact information with anyone else who was involved in the collision with them. A written report must also be recorded and submitted regarding the details of the accident. A person can file this report themselves or have their legal representative take care of it for them.

It is essential that a person gets in touch with an accident lawyer and gets advice regarding their collision if they suffered serious harm. The more intense damages they suffered the more they will need the help of an attorney to get through the legalities of the case. Any statement a person makes can be used against them so they should make sure they speak carefully, and they should also make sure to get legal advice early in the claim process to minimize their chances of running into trouble because of easily preventable errors on their behalf.

The first report a person must file after the accident has to be completed and submitted within 24 hours of the accident. This report must be filed with the California Highway Patrol of the local police department if there were any serious injuries or if anyone lost their life due to the collision. The collision must also be reported to the DMV within 10 days of the accident if it caused significant harm to anyone or if there was at least $750 worth of property damage.

Accident reports include the names, addresses, and relevant information for all the drivers involved. They also include the location, time, and details of the accident. In these reports, a person will also be required to submit their insurance information and an explanation of all the losses that were incurred alongside everything else.

The benefits of reporting an accident in Orange County, California

A person should report an accident, not just because the law ordains it, but also because of the benefit reporting early can provide for one’s legal claim later.  When a person reports the collision, they build a strong base for their case because they complied with the law and they also have more evidence to provide if a legal claim does arise

Anyone who finds themselves in an accident should connect with an accident attorney at Chudleigh Law to help them navigate through the legalities of their case, so they are properly compensated and are not unfairly taken advantage of by their insurance company.

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