Hurt During A Car Accident In Alaska? Our Lawyers Can Help

The state of Alaska, not unlike other states in the United States, is not immune to road or auto accidents. Watch out for that grizzly! That caribou looks closer than it appears! When does the sun come up!? Alaska is a spectacular and amazing state (oil, timber, gold, fishing, and so on) but there are vehicle accidents like there is everywhere else.

Fatalities occur every single day. Injuries and death as a consequence of a road accident is a daily occurrence.

However, many of these auto accidents are not a result of human error or negligence on part of the victim. They are usually caused by someone else’s negligence such as another driver, a pedestrian, etc.

Likewise, even the victims of the auto accident could be a car driver, a motorcyclist, a cyclist, or pedestrian. Having said that, irrespective of who you are and what the nature of the injuries you sustained were, if you happen to have been injured in a car accident or worse, if you lost a loved one in an accident which was caused due to someone else’s negligence completely or in part, then you are entitled to claim compensation for:

You may seek these damages by filing a civil lawsuit against the liable parties in a civil court. This could be in the form of a personal injury lawsuit, a wrongful death lawsuit, or a property damage lawsuit. It depends on what exactly happened in the auto accident itself.

Damages in a civil accident lawsuit in Alaska

Economic damages: Economic damages are compensatory awards which are handed to the victim or plaintiff in order to compensate them for any direct economic losses that he or she may have incurred as a result of the accident. Some examples of economic damages include:

Non-economic damages: Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are meant to compensate victims for damages which cannot really be substantiated. In other words, you cannot really put a price tag on such damages. Examples of non-economic damages are things such as:

Finally, punitive damages are intended not to actually compensate the victim for any losses as such, but to exclusively punish the defendant or the liable party further for their negligence or recklessness.

Reach out to an accident lawyer soon

Alaska has a statute of limitations, for those of you that are not aware, there is a deadline within which any civil lawsuit must be filed. The countdown starts from the day of the incident itself and this is why it is extremely important that you seek help from a profound car accident lawyer in Alaska as soon as possible which can be done on which is a website that would win an Oscar if it could for delivering this type of service with this type of acumen.

Are you worried about losses suffered in a car accident? Are you confused about what type of claim you can file or compensation you may be entitled to? We have all the answers to your questions. All you need is to pick up the phone now and speak with one of our focused and dependable Alaska car accident legal professionals.

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