When you accept a ride from a Lyft driver, you expect that the individual is licensed and is capable of driving you from point A to point B, without any mishaps. And like many individuals, you might be wondering whether the company screens their drivers and if those who have an adverse driving record are prohibited from working as a Lyft driver. So, to help answer your questions and provide you with some clarity, here is a breakdown of the driver requirements an individual must meet according to Lyft before they can become a Lyft employee.


  1. Drivers must pass a DMV check.


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Lyft drivers must undergo a DMV and background check before the company will allow them to operate their vehicle as a Lyft driver.

Lyft states that any potential driver is required to undergo a driving record check prior to being hired. The company uses a third-party company to check these driving records and anyone who doesn’t meet the following requirements is likely to be ineligible to use their car a rideshare vehicle.


  • The potential driver has received more than three moving violations within the past three years. This includes violations received as a result of an accident or even a traffic light violation.


  • The motorist has a major moving violation listed on their record that occurred within the past three years. For example, if they were driving on a suspended license or found guilty of reckless driving, these would constitute as a major moving violation.


  • They received a DUI or other drug-related driving violation in the last seven years.


  • Their record reveals they received a driving-related conviction in the last seven years (i.e. hit-and-run accident or felony charge involving a vehicle).


  1. Drivers must pass a background check.


Lyft also requires that all potential drivers undergo a criminal background check. These background checks screen for both criminal offenses and driving incidents. Again, Lyft uses a third-party company to conduct these checks and they go through records held in “national and county-level databases” as if they deem necessary, they will even have the company check local courthouse records and “go back as far as seven years or longer in some jurisdictions.” Lyft states that if a background check produces any of the following results, the individual seeking employment may be ineligible to get hired.


  • Violent crime
  • Sexual offense
  • Disqualifying felony
  • Disqualifying drug-related offense
  • Disqualifying theft or property damage offense


The company’s website does state in certain markets, potential drivers must also meet additional requirements. Lyft drivers must also have a current and valid driver’s license, valid license plates with current registration, and a valid insurance policy that is in good standing. Now, despite what seems like an extensive process the company goes through to hire their drivers, it doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen when riding in a Lyft driver’s vehicle.


My Lyft driver was involved in an accident. What should I do?


If you were involved in an accident in New Orleans, LA while being transported in a ridesharing vehicle, you will want to contact police so that they can write up a report. Some other things you will want to do include:


  • Write down any pertinent details pertaining to the accident.
  • Get your driver’s name and license plate information. If they have an employee number or another way of identifying themselves as a Lyft driver, write this information down as well.
  • Take photos of the accident scene, the damage done, and any injuries you may have sustained.


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Because the company and the driver you were riding with are required to be insured, you should be able to recover compensation through either one of their policies or even the policy of another motorist if they were at fault for causing the accident. However, because there are multiple parties involved, which can sometimes make filing a claim rather difficult, you may also want to contact a New Orleans, LA car accident lawyer who can help you.

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