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There may be a number of reasons or contributing factors which cause a car accident. However, the most prevalent cause of a car accident most often is human error and negligence. This could come in the form of the at-fault driver being drunk, driving recklessly, distracted, fatigued, and so on.

If you watched the show Dexter, you know driving when you are fatigued can be hazardous for your health―it can also mess up your car.

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety, here are some statistics with regards to motor vehicle accidents in Arkansas which may help put things into perspective.

 What sort of damages can stem from a car accident?

Victims of car crashes can suffer from injuries which could vary substantially in terms of nature and severity. On one end of the spectrum, injuries could be as minor as a few scratches or bruises or wounds while on the other extreme in could be as serious as non-life threatening injuries, coma, paralysis, etc. and also death.

Most of the commonly occurring accidents in Arkansas cause injuries such as whiplash, lacerations, neck and back injuries, concussions, and fractures. However, some of the more serious accidents where the speed or the force of impact was much higher can cause devastating injuries (if not death) such as spinal cord damage, amputation resulting in loss of limb, semi or complete paralysis, someone ending up being brain dead or brain damage.

These damages can have short term effects as well as lasting effects in the long run. The victim will have to take care of things such as medical bills, repair bills, and so forth in the short term whereas in the long term they may suffer due to issues such as inability to work, post-traumatic stress disorder, pain and suffering, loss of a loved one and the mental anguish and stress related with it, and so forth.

How can a legal pro help you?

In a civil lawsuit, be it a property damage lawsuit, a personal injury lawsuit, or a wrongful death lawsuit, you will have the option of representing yourself in the case. While this is allowed, we highly recommend that you do not choose to do this if you are serious about recovering your damages. You can just take a look at the numbers which relates success rates in a lawsuit to self-representation and you yourself will understand that it is a terrible idea.

Legal counselors on are highly trained and experienced (if they are not, they make up for it in other ways such as lower fees and a lighter caseload) and they will know what it takes to win your lawsuit. They will amass evidence to support the claims, they will find an expert to testify in support of your case along with witnesses, if any, and any other person who can support your case, and so forth.

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