California’s New Driving Laws for 2017

Car accident attorneys in California are already aware of the new laws that will affect San Diego drivers and now it is time for you to become cognizant of them as well.

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California has some new driving laws you need to learn that will help keep you and your family safer when traveling on the road.

While individuals use the new year as a means to set new goals and create resolutions to accomplish, state law makers use this time to implement new laws that are expected to better communities and make the state better as a whole. Whiles laws are constantly changing and being amended, new ones are arising. And this year, California has a few new driving laws have already taken effect as of January 1, 2017 that you probably need to be aware of. Not only will you want to learn these new rules as they can incur you a fine should you break them, but they are actually promoting roadway safety which has been an ongoing issue.

  1. The first change that is expected to be implemented immediately is the way you use your cell phone. As you know, cell phones help make certain aspects of our lives easier but not when used while driving your vehicle. The law originally allowed those who were holding their phones while using the GPS feature only to do so but as of now, this is not going to fly. Now, the phone must be mounted to the dashboard or placed in one of two spots on the windshield. It can be placed either in the lower right corner or the lower left corner according to ABC 7.

This new rule requires that motorists are only allowed to use one finger to tap or swipe the screen and prohibits any phone from being mounted or hung in the center of the windshield. Although this modification doesn’t abolish the use of cell phones completely, it can potentially help reduce the number of car accidents that occur in San Diego, CA.

  1. Another change that will soon take effect will affect motorcyclists, but can also help reduce the number of auto accidents that transpire. Lane splitting is currently something that isn’t illegal but the guidelines surrounding it need to be revamped. The California Highway Patrol is going to work with motorcycle organizations to define what is going to considered “safe” traveling between vehicles.
  1. Another issue that has led to an increase in accidents in California are the faulty buses that are being put on the roadways. Now, with a new law that has been put into place, more tour and charter buses are going to be required to be inspected more often.

With less cell phone interaction, safer buses, and more responsible motorcyclists, there is a chance auto accidents will decline in number. But, if you ever engage in one or already have, Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates are experienced car accident lawyers in San Diego, CA who will inform you of your rights as an accident victim.  Car crash claims can be confusing and you need a lawyer on your side who understands current laws and how they affect your case.

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