A pre-existing condition, when referring to it in the context of personal injury law, is a health issue an individual had prior to an accident. Chronic back pain, anxiety, depression, arthritis, etc. are a few common pre-existing conditions individuals suffer from today. Unfortunately, these conditions sometimes worsen after a person has been involved in a car accident leaving them struggling with additional pain and psychological suffering.


So, how do pre-existing conditions impact car accident claims?


If an individual who was involved in an accident in Chula Vista files an insurance claim in an effort to recover compensation for their medical expenses and other losses, they might find that the insurance company will try and reduce their settlement amount because they had a pre-existing condition. The fact is, insurance adjusters will often look for ways to reduce the value of a claim to save the company some money. One way they do this is by using pre-existing conditions as an excuse to lower a claimant’s settlement.

Because insurance carriers might argue that the pre-existing condition already existed prior to the accident, the company may feel that it shouldn’t be held responsible for paying what it would normally pay if the condition was new and arose as a result of the accident. If, and when an insurer does this, a claimant should have their Chula Vista, CA car accident lawyer contact the insurer on their behalf to try and negotiate a higher amount.


How does a claimant know if their insurer is paying them the right amount after a car accident?


In order for a claimant to know whether their insurer is paying them the right amount, they are going to need to have a car accident lawyer in Chula Vista assess their damages and losses. The fact is, the average person may have difficulty assessing their own losses which, in turn, interferes with their ability to calculate the value of their claim. Therefore, if they want to ensure their insurer is paying them a fair amount, they should consult with an attorney before accepting it.


Hiring a Car Accident Attorney After a Collision in Chula Vista, CA


It isn’t uncommon for a victim to have their pre-existing condition worsen after a collision as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services cites that nearly 50 to 129 million non-elderly Americans have some type of pre-existing health condition. If an individual had their pre-existing condition worsen as a result of a crash, they can contact The Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth for assistance with the claims process. From filing a claim to handling all insurance-related matters, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth will be sure to fight for a favorable outcome for the claimant.


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