Car accidents leading to legal action occur often in the United States. Even though a notable reduction has occurred in the 20th century, more than 32,000 people are killed and 2 million are injured in motor vehicle accidents annually.

Uber/Lyft drivers must be insured.

Uber and Lyft drivers must carry their own insurance policies with minimum limits to cover injuries they cause to rideshare passengers, people in other vehicles, or to pedestrians. Ridesharing, through Lyft and Uber services may result in legal action when an injury leaves a passenger with bills that exceed their Florida no-fault limits.

There are cases when Uber, or Lyft may be liable for rideshare accident damages, such as when an Uber, or Lyft driver is not carrying adequate coverage when they were picking up, or transporting a passenger; and Uber, or Lyft hired a driver who did not meet the requirements of a valid background check including an acceptable driving record, or valid state licensure.

After an accident involving Uber/Lyft, victims should call the police and get a formal accident report, seek medical attention when necessary, report the accident to the rideshare company (Uber/Lyft) safety team, contact their insurance company and speak with a qualified rideshare accident attorney who may resolve victim’s concerns.

Florida “No Fault Insurance” state.

Florida  is a “no fault” insurance state with regard to accidents, so an accident victim may seek compensation from their own insurance to cover damages.  Most accident victims will recover compensation only for medical bills and lost wages, and not for pain and suffering, or emotional distress, unless the injuries sustained were serious.  Contact an experienced attorney to help with any insurance, or legal actions necessary to secure damages after a rideshare accident.

Lawsuits are common.

Legal action can be initiated when an Uber, or Lyft driver does not have car insurance, or didn’t at the time of the accident because the accident victim has no way to recover costs without suing; no fault insurance coverage amounts are not enough to cover medical costs of injuries, even if they are enough to pay for property damage; and payment is dragged out forcing accident victims to act within the statute of limitations to initiate legal action.

Lawsuits involving rideshare drivers are often resolved through insurance, or legal settlement that accident victims are satisfied with, but a lawsuit is not a guarantee that a driver will have to pay.  Hiring effective accident specialists at the Law Firm of  Smith & Vanture  is the best option for a quick resolution between car accident parties.

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