If a family member has died in an accident, there are civil statutes in every state that allow family members to bring a case against the person responsible. These civil injury lawsuits are often the only way to be compensated for the sudden expenses associated with the death of a family member, even if you have insurance coverage

A fatal accident in South Carolina near Williams-Brice stadium resulted in the deaths of two local men. 

Two South Carolina residents die in a three car collision on Bluff Road

The incident happened early on a Monday morning in Columbia at the 1300 block of Bluff Road. Three vehicles were involved in the car crash after a 2002 Honda sedan went through a stop sign at Eden Road’s intersection with Bluff Road. A 2015 Dodge Ram struck the driver’s side of the Honda vehicle. The Honda was then forced into a third vehicle. 

The Richland County Coroner’s Office later released the identities of the victims. They were both men who were residents of Columbia. One of the men was found dead by emergency workers at the accident scene, while the other was transported to Prisma Health Richland by an EMS vehicle, but he died a short time later at the hospital. Both victims had the same cause of death listed after an examination–blunt force trauma and not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. 

The South Carolina Highway Patrol was placed in charge of the full investigation. No charges were filed against any of the drivers involved. 

Deadly accidents and civil lawsuits

While the state may not decide to take criminal action against someone who has caused a fatal accident, the victim’s family does have other remedies available through civil lawsuits. Each state has a statute that details how this process works. 

The type of case that is available after someone has died is called a wrongful death lawsuit. This allows certain family members to file a claim on the victim’s behalf to be paid for things like funeral and burial arrangements, the value of the person’s lost income and services, and emotional pain and suffering for the loss of a relative. 

There are only certain family members who can bring the action on behalf of the person’s estate and there is also a short statute of limitations, which means it is best to get legal help as soon as possible after the accident

Local accident attorneys are available to speak with you 

If you have been injured in an accident recently, it may be necessary to speak with a lawyer about being compensated for your losses and bringing a civil case against the person or business responsible. To learn more, contact:

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