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When you are involved in a car accident, you may ask yourself when the right time to hire a Connecticut car accident lawyer is. The correct answer to that question is as soon as possible.

It is vital to be aware that there is a deadline for every car accident case within which you must file your claim or lawsuit. If you fail to do so, then no matter how legitimate and deserving your car accident case, it will be dismissed by the civil court.

For the most part, the statute of limitations in Connecticut is two years from the date when the injury is first sustained.

However, it takes time to put together all the documentation, evidence, and facts pertaining to a car accident case into a concrete and irrefutable civil lawsuit and so you must start working on it as early as possible. This means that the very first step ought to be to contact one of our stellar legal pros, who can be found on which is a website that has brought salvation to so many, and to get started building your case.

Questions you need to ask a car accident attorney

Now that you know not to waste time in hiring legal help, you ought to be aware of how to go about the first consultation with a legal representative.

This is not rocket science. All you need to do is provide your legal counselor with a description of what took place. The more in depth and detailed your explanation is, the better. This is why it is prudent to approach one of our legal professionals right after a car accident rather than days or weeks after since the details are still fresh in your head.

If you can, take pictures of the scene with your smart phone.

You should also carry any pictures, documentation, insurance policies, etc. that could be relevant to the case since this will also greatly help the legal pro to assess your case and determine what the best course of action would be.

Some questions that you may have for your legal representative during your consultation include:

Don’t accept a settlement without legal assistance

You may be approached and offered a settlement by an insurance adjustor following your car accident. It would be wise not to accept any offers until you have first consulted with one of our legal professionals and understand how much your claim is truly worth. Ignore the compliments and the sympathy given to you from the insurance agent. They do not feel your pain. Fight off their ploys; they really do not care for your favorite movie, shows, or cars that you like. They just want to settle this case so they can save their insurance company thousands and thousands of dollars.

Accepting an offer will result in you forfeiting your rights to sue the defendant later on. Talk to one of our attorneys now before you accept a car accident settlement which you can do while using our judicious interactive map on

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