In Idaho, anyone who gets into a car accident should connect with a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure their case turns out in their favor. Many times, after getting into an accident a person may automatically assume that they caused the collision because they were partly at fault. In such cases, drivers often end up apologizing or immediately admitting their mistake to the other drivers involved in the accident.

Though a person should always tell the truth, they should refrain from apologizing or making clear statements that profess guilt after a collision because this can significantly increase their chances of losing their case.

Even if a person feels like they were at fault, they should understand that it is also very likely that the other driver had violated a traffic rule or that they were driving while they were distracted so they may be held accountable as well. Right after a collision, a person should ensure their physical well-being and then call a qualified car accident lawyer as soon as possible to get advice on how to react in their current situation.

Apart from apologizing and taking the blame right away, drivers commonly also make the mistake of getting in touch with their insurer and asking for a settlement amount immediately without first getting legal counsel. It is necessary for a person to first connect with a lawyer before speaking to one’s insurer because they will equip a person with the correct words and legal protocol to pursue so they are not taken advantage of.

Even though insurers have signed an agreement with their policyholders, they often try to escape their responsibility by offering a much lower amount than needed. Naturally, they do this as it is profitable to them, but it is not legal. Anyone who is given a lower offer from their insurance company should not accept it, and they should instead speak with a lawyer to litigate against them so a fair amount is given.

What should be said to the insurance company when making a car accident claim in Boise, Idaho

When a person calls their insurance company, they should simply inform them the collision has occurred. During their call they should not sign anything or give any recorded statements because these will generally be used to give a person a lower settlement amount later on in the case.

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