Fatal Single-Vehicle Accidents are on the Rise in the U.S.


There have been numerous reports of single-vehicle accidents occurring all over the U.S. involving drivers veering off the roadway and colliding into nearby objects. In some of the most recent stories that have been reported, at least three accidents have involved a passenger vehicle crashing into a tree. While drugs or alcohol were not reported as the cause of any of these accidents, it can only be assumed that distracted driving was likely a factor.

One accident occurred in Corinth, just a few minutes away from Saratoga, NY, that left 23-year-old Genessa Marie Coon and 21-year-old Cody M. Fitzpatrick dead [Source: The Daily Gazette]. The two were heading down Angel Road when the vehicle went off the road and crashed into a tree. When first responders arrived on the scene, both occupants appeared to be trapped inside the car suffering from serious injuries and EMS determined that they had both died on the scene.

Family and friends of the two young individuals were devastated and shocked when they learned about the accident. Some couldn’t believe that is was their friends who had been killed.

A similar accident had also occurred in Ohio where two teens were killed in a car collision. Nbc4i.com covered the story and reported that one of the teens who was driving went off the roadway and crashed into a nearby tree. There were three occupants in the vehicle at the time of the crash, yet only one was lucky enough to survive.


Why are motorists still allowing things to get in the way of their driving?


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Distracted driving has been, and remains to be, one of the top causes of car accidents today.

What these accidents reveal is that there is a need for more reinforcement for motorists to drive more carefully. While we are well aware of how dangerous it is to drive distracted, clearly enough effort isn’t being more attentive when we drive. When a single-vehicle crash occurs, there is a high chance that the driver of that car or truck played a role in causing the accident. Whether they took half a second to look for an item, glanced over at their cellphone, or said something to a passenger, that short amount of time is what caused their vehicle to divert from the road and into an object.

As drivers, we must never allow ourselves to get comfortable or complacent when driving as this only increases the chances of an accident occurring.  While many are led to believe they are the top multi-taskers among their group of friends, engaging in anything else aside from focusing our attention on the roadway is a form of distraction and contributes to making it much more dangerous.

So, to help reduce the number of car accidents that continue to be reported on, remember, never drive distracted or allow anything to take your attention off the task of driving.


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