Father and Daughter Lose Their Lives in Fatal Collison on Thanksgiving Day

As busy as you may find yourself becoming this holiday season, you must remain vigilant while out driving to reduce your chances of engaging in an auto accident with a careless or inattentive driver who simply isn’t paying attention. KDVR recently reported on a fatal accident that occurred on Thanksgiving Day involving a father and his daughter. According to the news source, 55-year-old Rick Nees of Cedar Rapids, IA and his daughter, 38-year-old Nicole Nees of Fort Collins, CO had been traveling in Fort Collins early Thanksgiving morning when their vehicle was struck by a truck. Police later determined that truck had been driven by Marcos Orozco, 19.

The source highlighted that just before the fatal crash transpired, police had come in contact with Orozco after having received a call about a burglary. Apparently, someone had smashed a truck into a pawn shop and stole some firearms. After the burglary was reported, officials then received a call where someone reported they had seen a suspicious vehicle with firearms inside of it. When police located the vehicle and made contact with the driver, who happened to be Orozco, he fled the area. Police stated that “in the interest of public safety and department policy, officers did not pursue the suspect.”

It was only moments after officers had made contact with Orozco that he engaged in an auto accident that took the life of Rick and Nicole Nees. The “coroner’s office stated that the two had passed from multiple-blunt force injuries and that death was immediate for both.”

Rick Nees had worked as a math teacher for many years at Kennedy High School and the school principal, Jason Kline, sent out an email sharing the news of the passing of the school’s long-time educator. Kline also mentioned that support resources would be available for staff and students come Monday when everyone returned from their holiday break.

It’s always tragic to hear about such incidents, especially when they occur on a holiday that is supposed to be spent celebrating with family. Sadly, there are many incidents similar to this one that transpire each year around the holiday times. That is why you are encouraged to drive defensively as you never know when you might be sharing the road with someone who is distracted, drunk, or engaging in reckless behavior that could potentially cause an accident to occur.

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