Find Florida Car Accident Lawyers or Auto Injury Attonreys

Irrespective of how safe and sound a driver you may be, you must remember that it does not make you immune to road or motor vehicle accidents. A terrible or drunk driver can crash into anyone of us.

The fact is that there are millions of other people on the public roads of Florida, and whether you like it or not, you could end up a victim of a car accident caused due to someone else’s negligence. An auto accident could be minor and the consequences could be trivial, but on the other end of the scale, the accident could be catastrophic and result in severe injuries of a life threatening nature or even death.

If you happen to have lost a loved one in an auto accident caused due to someone else’s negligence, or if you have suffered injuries caused by a car accident due to someone else’s fault or even incurred property damage in an accident that someone else caused then you are eligible for compensation as per the state laws in effect in Florida.

All you need to do is file a lawsuit and win it, but that is something which is easier said than done. What you really need to accomplish this is the support and services of a prolific legal counselor which can be found using which can be the answer to you hopes and desires. This website makes it very simple for anyone to find the legal help they need.

Salient reasons on why you need a Florida car accident legal representative?

As a plaintiff, the burden of proof lies on you. This means that until you prove otherwise, the defendant in the case will be considered innocent and not at fault. To win a car accident lawsuit there are four main things that you need to establish during the trial which our legal pro will help you with. They are as follows:

  1. Duty of care – This is almost a pre-requisite for an accident lawsuit. Basically, you need to show that the defendant in the case owed you (the plaintiff) the duty of driving with care and consideration and with regards for your safety. Usually, this is not a difficult thing to establish given that all drivers on public roads owe everyone else on the roads a duty of care, which is to drive carefully and with utmost regard for public safety.
    1. For instance, if someone is too tired to drive and they fall asleep while driving and because of this they plow through a red light and smash into you while you are turning through the intersection and you have the right away, they are at fault and they should be punished.
  1. Breach – The second thing that you need to show, and the pivotal aspect which can decide the outcome of the case, is that the defendant did not satisfy his or her duty. You need to show that they breached their duty of care and this will have to be proved with the support of concrete evidence and witness testimony.
  1. Causation – Once you prove breach of duty, you are almost there, but will also have to show that there was a cause and effect relationship between the defendants breach in duty and the damages that you incurred.
  1. Damages – Last, you need to provide an extrapolation of the damages that should be supported or quantified using medical bills, repair bills, and other relevant documentation proving that this accident cost you financially and then some.

Remember, you have the right to claim compensation from the at-fault party for:

To get on the right legal path to recovery what you need is an aggressive Florida car accident lawyer by your side which can be found using the golden interactive map on If you have any issues, contact us via the contact form on the site as well. We will call you back within a couple of hours any day of the week.

Do not sign anything with that other insurance company until you have legal help. Do not make that mistake!