Four Minnesota Teens Invovled in a Fatal Crash 

Four teenagers were recently involved in a fatal accident on the roads of Minnesota. The crash happened late at night at 11 pm along Highway 61. A Nissan Maxima was traveling above the speed limit when it veered off the road, rolled, and actually went airborne. The vehicle crashed into a line of trees, striking down many trees during the process. The car eventually came to rest 40 to 50 feet from the main roadway.

The driver was a 16-year-old boy and he was taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries. He had 3 of his friends in the passenger seats who were 17 years old. Two boys lost their lives in the accident, and the accident report revealed that neither of them had been wearing a seatbelt when the collision occurred.

The surviving passenger was taken to the ICU and the driver was injured as well but did not lose his life. The crash reports further revealed that one of the passengers had been drinking, but the driver seemed to be sober at the time of operating the vehicle. All four boys attended the same school, and the school is offering extra support and services to anyone who was affected by the loss of their classmates and friends. (1)

Drinking and driving is a very serious crime that will leave the defendant with a criminal record. In the abovementioned case, the driver was not drunk, however, he had been driving above the speed limit and breaking traffic laws when the accident occurred. The consequences of such actions are dire, and he lost two of his best friends due to the accident. Anyone who is involved in a car accident that involves serious injuries or the loss of life of a loved one should make sure they get in touch with a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

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