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Car accidents are a frequent occurrence in Georgia like they are every where else and they kill over a thousand people every year in this fantastic and pretty southern state. Sometimes, car accidents happen as a result of other people’s negligence and thanks to Georgia state law, when this is the case, the accident victim can file a civil lawsuit against the negligent party.

However, filing a lawsuit and winning your Georgia auto accident claim is definitely not easy. In order to win the lawsuit, you need to sign up with dependable legal representation, someone with a comprehension of state laws and firsthand experience to spearhead your case. When you work with one of our legal counselors, that is exactly what you will get and more!

Our Georgia car accident lawyers, who can be found on which is an exemplary website that enables the most desperate in our society find the legal help they need to compete with the biggest players in our country, are well versed with the state law and have exemplary track records and if they do not they will make up for it in lower rates and more time to devote to your case. If you have suffered losses or damages in an auto accident in the Peach State, then you are in the right place.

Proving a car accident lawsuit in Georgia requires the following and we have the legal counselors that can help you achieve this.

The fours step approach to winning a Georgia auto accident lawsuit

Duty of care – The very first step to proving your case will be to show that the defendant in this circumstance owed you, the plaintiff, an obligation to drive with care and consideration for your safety. This notion is straightforward and is usually almost automatically established considering that anyone driving on public roads owes a duty of care to everyone else on the road too.

Breach of duty – This is the complex part where a case can go either way. If you are able to prove that the defendant violated the duty of care established in step 1 then you are on the right track. This is also the most challenging step in the process and will require concrete evidence, flawless presentation of this evidence, and a sagacious argument. Your legal pro will do this for you.

Causation – The next step that you must overcome is to prove that the breach in duty which was established in step 2 is what caused your injuries and/or losses and damages. Be careful about pre-existing injuries!

Damages – Lastly, you need to put a figure to your lawsuit – how much money do you intend to claim as damages? What has this cost you? Obviously, you will also be required to support this number with relevant evidence which may be in the form of medical bills, repair bills, and so forth.

If you are a victim of another driver being negligent on the road, the failure to seek legal representation could by costly in many ways. Any delay could harm the investigation that any legal rep will have to conduct for you, for one! Evidence has a tendency to fade away with time and witness could have moved away or forgotten about this auto accident.

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