Good Samaritans Rescue Victims Whose Car Crashed into Pond in Shreveport

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Several individuals were involved in a car wreck in Shreveport, LA just a few days back and officials have finally been able to identify who these victims are.


Shreveport Police were dispatched to an accident that happened at the corner of East Kings Highway and Shreveport-Barksdale Highway around 7:00 p.m. last week. Three vehicles had been involved in the crash, one of which left the roadway and went into what residents call the “Duck Pond.” That vehicle belonged to Megan Victoria Brown, 40, a resident of Shreveport. It was a Dodge and inside traveling with her was her mother, Kathy Brown, and her three children, a son and two daughters.

After the vehicle plunged into the water, Timothy Cappo, who happened to be fishing at that same time, dove in after it in an effort to try and save those who were inside. Cappo, along with John Thomas Jr. and Hunter Coleman all managed to pull of the occupants inside of the vehicle out and get them back to shore. Megan Victoria Brown was transported to University Health Hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival. Her mother, Kathy Brown, was also taken to the hospital but is expected to recover from her injuries. Thankfully, Brown’s three children were not injured in the car accident.

As for the others involved in the crash, they all were able to survive without suffering from any serious injuries. Kathleen Anderson, 68, was identified as a passenger inside a Toyota and Eliot Anderson, 69, was the driver of that vehicle. Charlene William, 61, was identified as the driver of the third vehicle that was involved in the collision. Although the cause of the accident is still being investigated, police were able to determine that Brown’s vehicle had left the road at a high rate of speed before it crashed into the pond.


Three Men Hailed as Hero’s in the Duck Pond Accident


According to KTBS, police applauded the heroic efforts displayed by the three men who observed the crash and stepped in to assist the victims. Had they not acted in the manner they did, this car accident may have resulted in more deaths.


Getting the Help You Need After Being Involved in a Wreck


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