If an individual was involved in a vehicular accident in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and they want to obtain a copy of their crash report, they can do so by contacting the Fort Lauderdale Police Department’s Records Unit. The Records Unit is located at 1300 West Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale and can be reached at 954-828-5465. The Records Unit is not only responsible for maintaining accident reports but also for distributing them.

If an individual would like to receive a copy of their accident report, they can request it either by mail or in person.


Requesting a Copy of an Accident Report by Mail


If an individual wishes to request a copy of their crash report by mail, they will need to contact the Records Unit prior to sending in their request to confirm the department has their report and what the fee is to obtain a copy. Once this information has been collected, an individual will need to mail the fee, a self-addressed stamped envelope, and a Crash Report Affidavit that is signed and notarized. The Crash Report Affidavit is only required if the request is being submitted within the first 60 days from the date the accident transpired.


Requesting a Copy of a Crash Report In Person


The Records Unit also requires individuals who are requesting a copy of their accident report in person to fill out the Crash Report Affidavit if the request is being submitted within the first 60 days after the accident occurred.

In the event an individual is requesting an accident report that is over a year old, they can do so by contacting Tallahassee at 850-617-3416.


Why should a car accident victim obtain a copy of their police accident report?


After a person was involved in a wreck in Fort Lauderdale, FL,  it is recommended that they request a copy of their accident report or have their car accident lawyer do it for them. Some of the reasons why an auto accident victim should obtain a copy of their report include:

  1. It will provide pertinent information pertaining to the accident such as what factors contributed to it, how many vehicles were involved, the names and contact information for those involved, etc.
  2. If there were witnesses, it will likely contain information about them, including statements they provided to the responding officer.
  3. It will list any property damage or injuries that were sustained given they were visible at the time the report was written up.


A police accident report is not only going to be useful for a victim to have if they are filing an insurance claim but also if they need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver who was involved.


Hiring a Fort Lauderdale, FL Car Accident Lawyer After a Collision


In addition to retrieving a copy of an accident report, a car crash victim should also consider meeting with a car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale as they can determine if and how much compensation the victim should be awarded. Attorneys who specialize in car accident and personal injury law such as those as Madalon Law will be sure to assess all of a victim’s damages and demand that they are awarded the compensation they are due.


You can reach Madalon Law at:


100 N. Federal Highway, #CU5

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Phone: 954-923-0072

Website: www.madalonlaw.com

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