How Do I Know When My Vehicle Needs to be Serviced?

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Thousands of car accidents occur on our roadways each day and while many are attributed to human error, others are caused by vehicle malfunctions. Sometimes, our vehicles don’t perform the way we hope, however, this is often caused when we neglect them and fail to take them to the mechanic for a routine check-up. The fact is, both cars and trucks need to be checked regularly throughout the year to be sure they all have the fluids they need and that there aren’t any underlying issues that could cause you to wreck out on the roadway.

So, to be sure you are getting your vehicle checked, below are a few signs you need to be aware of that might signal it is time to get your automobile to the mechanic.


  1. The tread on your tires has worn down. If you aren’t sure what this means, basically the tread is the rubber that you see on the outside of the tire. This is the part of the tire that makes contact with the ground each time you drive. Now, the more you drive, the more the tread will begin to wear down which means it loses less traction. A tire that is extremely worn down won’t have much depth in between the lines on the tires.


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Never is it a good idea to neglect your tires. If you notice the tread is wearing down or your low air pressure light is on, take care of the matter immediately as you wouldn’t want to catch a flat on the highway.

To check if it is time to replace your tires, simply place a penny in one of the grooves of your tire. Be sure the penny is placed upside down so that Abraham Lincoln’s head is facing downward. If his head disappears, Bridgestone states your tires may still be good to drive on. However, if Lincoln’s head is showing, it is time to replace them. Driving on worn-down tires is dangerous and increases the chance of you engaging in an auto accident so it is best the replace them as soon as possible when necessary.


  1. Your check engine light is lit up. If you see the engine light turn on and it isn’t going away, this is an indicator that it is time to get your vehicle checked. According to Angie’s List, there could be multiple things wrong, however, only a skilled mechanic can tell what it might be. In the event this light is flashing red or yellow, you may want to get to the mechanic as soon as possible.


  1. Your vehicle isn’t operating how it normally would. If you drive your car each and every day, you will likely notice when it is operating differently than it usually does. If you find that you aren’t able to catch speed or you hear odd sounds, there may be something wrong with your transmission and it should be checked immediately.


  1. You notice a leak. If you find your vehicle is leaking as you have spotted puddles underneath your car, it could mean multiple things. For instance, Angie’s List says that if it is bright green, it may be coolant or if it is dark red/brown, it could be transmission oil, engine oil, or brake fluid. Either way, it is best to find out exactly what is causing the leak and how you can get it fixed.


  1. Your vehicle is noisy while driving. Your vehicle shouldn’t be making any type of odd noises while driving it and if you notice any, consider calling a mechanic to find out what might be causing it. if you hear grinding or squealing, it could be your brakes and those are nothing to play with.


While it is evident that a driver must be careful and cautious in order to avoid an accident, they must also check their vehicle on a consistent basis as they sometimes cause them too. In the event you were recently involved in a car accident in Mississippi whether it was your fault or not, you may want to consult with a Biloxi, MS car accident lawyer who can assess the damage that has been done along with the injuries you have sustained. You may be entitled to collect compensation, even if you were partially at fault, and the car crash lawyers at will help you become aware of how much this is.

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