Car accidents in Boise Idaho are often followed by lengthy damage claims by the victims of the collision. Anyone who gets into an accident has to take the proper steps to ensure they understand what the actual cause of the accident is so they know who is at fault and who to demand the damages from.

Sometimes, a person may feel like the collision is their fault, so they apologize to the other driver and admit fault. This is a major mistake, and though a person should definitely be honest, they should avoid apologizing or admitting to making a mistake prematurely because it is very likely that the other driver was also at fault for the collision as well.

A person should speak as less as possible and just cover the basics such as exchanging contact information with the other driver until they have consulted with their accident attorney. Their attorney will listen to the facts of the collision and give a person relevant legal advice that will increase their chances of getting some form of compensation for their losses. In Idaho, the law of comparative negligence allows for more than one driver to be held accountable for the accident.

If the other driver was 80% at fault for the collision, then a person will generally be 20% at fault. Since they are less than 50% at fault, they can collect damages. Even though a person is entitled to receive compensation, the other insurer will only pay for 80% of a person’s damages since that’s the amount of fault exhibited by the driver. The fault percentage is determined by the court based on the evidence provided regarding the collision.

Evidence to use after a car accident in Boise, Idaho

Many drivers make the mistake of thinking a police report or a traffic citation is definitive proof of the drivers’ fault. This is not true. A police report does not involve a thorough investigation of what truly happened and a legal investigation of the collision will better bring up evidence indicating what happened to lead to the collision.

A person should collect photographs, videos, traffic footage, and witness testimonies to help prove what occurred during the collision so they are not taken advantage of by the other party.

Get in touch with an accident attorney at the Law Office of Johnson and Lundgreen today to learn the various legal options a person has to pursue damages after an accident.

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