Even in smaller cities like Alexandria, Louisiana, traffic is still a source of injuries and death. The only way to receive compensation for an accident is to contact an attorney who is both experienced in the city’s court system and knowledgeable of the local laws. A recent incident can serve as an example of how a car accident can be translated into a monetary judgment with the help of a lawyer.

Alexandria Man Killed on Highway 28 East

An accident that killed an Alexandria man was so severe that the Louisiana State Police are planning to charge one driver with negligent homicide. Criminal charges resulting from a car accident are significant, as they tend to be rare based on the need for the state to prove intentional or reckless behavior caused the accident, rather than just not paying attention while on the road. These charges can also help a victim’s family in a related lawsuit as evidence of reckless activity on the roads.

An 86 year old man named William T. Lewis was killed on impact when a Freightliner truck driving in the opposite direction crossed the center line and hit Lewis head on. Two other vehicles were caught in the accident after the initial hit. Aside from Lewis, none of the other drivers involved sustained serious injuries. The driver of the Freightliner truck is facing a criminal charge for negligent homicide due to the fact that the police believe has was recklessly trying to pass vehicles on a two lane road. There is also a toxicology report pending, which indicates police believe he may have been under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. A positive result in the report would help prosecutors prove reckless driving by the truck driver.

The System of Negligence in Louisiana

Louisiana has its own unique legal history. Due to the state’s historical ties to Spain and France, it has some differences compared to other places within the U.S. However the legal principles of negligence are relevant to automobile accidents in Alexandria like every other state.

Negligence is the legal term for saying that one person breached a normal duty of care and caused injuries to another person through these actions. In motor vehicle accidents this is usually done by speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, improper lane changes, and a number of other traffic offenses. The resulting injuries are quantified into damages based on their severity. In other words, a driver at fault will have to pay out much more money to someone they hit and caused permanent paralysis versus a damaged bumper on a car that may cost a few hundred dollars.

In accidents such as the one reported above, the driver who is being charged may also be subject to a large civil lawsuit from the family of the deceased man. Death and serious injuries tend to bring the most money in accident lawsuits. An expert lawyer can use factors related the driver’s improper conduct on the road to prove that a jury should award money to the victim’s family. Skilled lawyers can also negotiate settlements with the defendant’s lawyer without having to go to trial if it appears that they would lose in court.

Local Lawyers can Help

For more information about how you can collect money after a car accident, contact the Jones Law Firm. The Jones firm was founded by a local man born and raised in Alexandria. The firm has successfully handled many car accident cases and helped injured people collect the money they deserve.