How to Adjust Your Driving When Daylight Savings Comes to an End?

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When daylight savings comes to an end, which is usually sometime around the month of November, you will begin to notice that it is lighter in the mornings, which can make your commute to work easier, but dark earlier in the evening. Unfortunately, this can make driving more dangerous for everyone. The fact is, aside from your sleep pattern being disrupted that you probably developed since the last time you had to adjust your clock, which can lead to drowsy driving, you may now have to commute back home from work or school when the sun is going down or when it has already set.

Now, because driving in the dark can be more difficult for some, it is important that you take these “time shift safety tips” ARL Now has shared from AAA-Mid Atlantic into consideration when it comes times to turn the clock back.

  1. Always be alert and attentive when driving and keep anything that can distract you out of sight.


  1. Keep your vehicle’s headlights and windows clean both on the inside and the outside.
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Cellphones are one of the leading causes of car wrecks today. Therefore to minimize your chances of engaging in a crash, keep yours put away so you don’t feel tempted to read a text or respond to an email.
  1. Teen drivers, especially those who recently received their license, should be reminded of the time change and how it could affect them if they work early mornings or later in the evening.
  1. Remember to always yield to the right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks. Just because the sun is going down doesn’t mean fewer people will be out walking. The reality is, individuals who have developed a routine or have a schedule to follow will continue to do so despite the time change so you need to take this into account and drive carefully, even if it feels later than it actually is.


  1. Avoid using your high beams when driving around other cars or pedestrians. Although your bright lights can help make your drive easier on your eyes, you don’t want to put them on when you are within 500 feet of another driver. This can make driving for them much difficult and even contribute to causing them to engage in a collision.


  1. Keep an eye out for “children and families in neighborhoods, along school bus routes, at intersections, and when backing out of driveways.” Some kids participate in extracurricular activities which means they may be getting home when the sun is going down. Other kids who get home later in the day may also play outside for a bit when the sun is preparing to set so drive with caution through areas where children often walk or play or when you see a school bus or other form of transportation that picks up and drops off children.


While there are a few states that have opted to not observe daylight savings time and others who are considering doing away with it as well, Texas has yet to disregard it which means you need to prepare yourself and others for when the time change comes. Now, aside from driving carefully and attentively when the clocks are turned back, you should always be on high alert and careful when driving as you don’t want to increase your chances of engaging in an accident.


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