Will Humans Become Less Involved with Driving?

Human error is the number one reason car accidents occur in today’s society. Just ask a Pinellas, FL car accident attorney and they can tell you. Distracted driving tops the lists of why these accidents occur and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is taking initiative in trying to reduce the number of auto collisions that transpire each and every day. Innocent lives are claimed because someone isn’t able to put their phone down and others are left to struggle simply because a driver was speeding far beyond the legal limit. The fact is, humans are causing these fatal and life-threating crashes and it is time something is done. 

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An effort is being so that vehicles can communicate with one another and help notify when danger is ahead.

What Efforts Are Being Made?

According to the New York Times, the NHTSA has been working on an innovative way to help warn drivers of potential dangers nearby. But how? Well, your vehicle would “talk” to other cars nearby and provide a warning so you can make an informed decision and possibly avoid a potential collision before it ever occurs. Although the autonomous vehicle was developed to decrease driver input and activity, this new technology that hasn’t been approved yet, may be just what motorists need before they are placed inside a vehicle that is solely controlled by a computer.

How Will This Vehicle Language Work Exactly?

According to the news source, new cars and small trucks would be manufactured and contain the communications technology that would broadcast data to one another regarding their speed, location, and the direction they are traveling in. “Cars would be able to use wireless technology involving chips and a dedicated band of radio airwaves to detect if another vehicle around the corner and hundreds of yards away was moving too fast in its direction and headed for a collision.” The driver would be notified of this danger in one of two ways: either an automated response technology would take over the vehicle entirely or the driver would receive a visual or audio warning.

While this would be a big breakthrough and could very well help reduce the number of deaths caused in auto wrecks, there is the worry that there could be potential interference with other Wi-Fi users as well as cybersecurity risks. Another hurdle may be to get president Donald Trump to approve this new vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology as he “has vowed to unravel regulations that have been onerous for businesses.”

What if I was Already in an Accident?

If you have ever been involved in a car accident or lost a loved one to a crash, you understand how crucial it is for tactics to be put into place to get these numbers reduced. If you were recently injured in an accident in the state of Florida and are looking for some legal advice pertaining to your injury claim, USAttorneys wants to help you find the best Pinellas, FL car accident lawyer out there who can assist you.

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