Car Accident Lawyers and Auto Injury Attorneys in Idaho

Have you spoken with an Idaho car accident legal counselor?

If the answer to this question is no and you have been in a car accident, then you are playing with fire which does not make too much sense. can simplify your life. Someone has cost you, they need to pay. This website can be used to find the legal professional you need to make to make this situation right.

This is a race you are in and the opposing insurance company is going to try to beat you to it. They do this all the time, you need legal help to thwart them and do not accept their initial offer since you do not know the true value of your case yet.

A preliminary consultation will not cost a cent and will give you a salient idea of how strong a case you have, what the best course of action is, and how you can go about winning your car accident lawsuit with the help of our legal representatives.

They will guide you in your quest to receive a fair and deserving settlement from the defendant or the insurance provider.

Our legal pros will handle every step of the process all the way from starting a private investigation to filing your lawsuit to actually proving your claims and presenting the evidence in court on your behalf. They will legally represent you to ensure that you get the best outcome possible in this case.

Have you signed authorization forms from the insurance company?

Insurance companies are businesses and like any business, their objective fundamentally is to generate revenue and make profits. One strategy they use to save themselves money is to have you sign authorization forms which will essentially give them the right to acquire and go through all of your medical records.

What is the intent behind this? Well, they will look for any complaints, medical issues, or injuries from the past which they can somehow connect to the injury you sustained in the car accident in order to claim that the injury is not due to the auto accident itself, but were in fact a pre-existing injury and so they are not liable to compensate you―certainly not as much as you want or need. This is why, despite the insurance company strongly insisting that you do, you should not sign any paperwork they give to you!

The best thing to say at this point is that you are going to find legal help in this matter and tell them to leave their business card so your legal pro can call them when the time is right. The time is certainly not right now!

Seek help before accepting an out of court settlement from the insurer or defendant

Offering a settlement is another strategy insurers use in order to save themselves money. More often than not, the amount offered is just a fraction of what your case could actually be worth. $22,000 may help you out immensely right now but what if your medical issues are long lasting? Is $22,000 really enough? That only covers your car costs if that! How about your medical bills? Pain and suffering? Lost time at work and lost time period! Your case could be worth $68,000; you need legal help and you need it now.

Accepting a settlement will mean that your right to file a civil complaint in relation to the car accident is now voided. Do not do it! Get on and use our interactive map to find yourself an Idaho car accident lawyer. Any issues, use our salient contact form to submit your information to us and we will call you back shortly helping you find this pivotal legal help.

Get on our website now! Tell that insurance rep. your legal counselor will be calling them soon.