Insurance Nightmares You Can Avoid When You Choose to Hire a Lawyer

After engaging in an auto accident, it is likely you have placed your attention and energy on recovering physically so that you can get back your day to day tasks as well as get your vehicle into the mechanic so it can be repaired. While you might expect to encounter a few challenges if the injuries you sustained are severe, the last thing you expect to deal with is an insurance company that doesn’t want to pay your claim or handle it in the appropriate manner. Sadly, this is one challenge many auto accident victims are faced with.

The truth is, auto insurance companies don’t always have your best interest in mind nor are they looking to provide you with the right amount of compensation your collision entitles you to receive. In fact, some will attempt to settle your claim quickly and for a lesser amount than you are actually entitled to just so they can close out your claim and you can no longer pursue them for additional money. Others will delay paying your claim or outright deny it. Although this can be especially frustrating as you pay your monthly premium on time and expect only the best service from your insurer, you don’t have to deal with these challenging situations on your own.

You see, after being involved in a car crash in Alexandria, LA, whether it was minor or severe, you are always encouraged to contact a LA car accident attorney who can help you avoid having to deal with the nightmares that often come along with filing a claim. Some of these nightmares we are referring to are explained below.

  1. You don’t have to deal with an insurance adjuster who is providing you with a low-ball offer. An insurance adjuster’s role is to evaluate the damage the collision has caused and determine a value for what your damages are worth. Once they know how much this is, they will provide you with an offer. The trouble is, their offer is generally much lower than what you are actually entitled to receive. Rather than having to go back and forth with the adjuster or others in the company, you can let Alexandria, LA car crash lawyer Davey Jones handle the matter so that it is one less headache you have to worry about dealing with.

Did you know that there are some insurance companies that will “direct its adjuster to deliberately limit amounts payable on certain items so that claimants are not properly reimbursed for their losses” [Source: Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI)]? Because this is not allowed as the LDI considers it to be a form of fraud, your lawyer will know exactly what steps need to be taken so that you are not only compensated fairly, but that the insurer is held accountable for their illegal behavior.

  1. You can avoid having to negotiate with your insurer when they won’t pay you what you deserve. One of the things an attorney can do rather than fight with the insurance company is negotiate with them regarding what your claim is actually During the negotiation process, adequate evidence must be provided that proves why you deserve more than what the insurance adjuster offered, which again, is something your lawyer can assist you with.
  2. Having your insurance claim denied or delayed. Sometimes, insurers will accidentally deny a claim sent in or delay processing it for a significant period of time. This can be especially frustrating if you are waiting for the funds to get your vehicle repaired or satisfy the medical bills you have already received. What can be even more frustrating is that when you contact your insurance company, you can’t seem to find anyone who can help you or resolve your issue. So, rather than you having to waste your time and energy on trying to contact someone who can help you, you can let your car accident lawyer take over and take on this burden. Chances are, when your insurer is contacted by your lawyer, they will be more obliged to get your claim processed quicker or correct their mistake.

As much faith as we put into our insurance companies to be there when we need them the most, sadly, there are times when they don’t meet our expectations. And if you are currently dealing with a noncompliant insurance adjuster or you are struggling to get your matter resolved, contact the Jones Law Firm today by calling 318-442-1515. Auto accident attorney Davey Jones will be more than happy to listen to the concerns you have and explain the various ways he can tackle these issues and get them resolved.

In the event you were recently involving in a collision, yet you haven’t filed a claim, you are also encouraged to contact our office as well to prevent from having to deal with any of the potential nightmares that are likely to arise.

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