A driver who fled the scene of an accident in the Iowa City area after causing injuries and a car fire was arrested.  

Police search for driver who ran into the woods after a car crash

The Johnson County Police initially received a call about a small car that hit an SUV during a lane change near the intersection of 640th Street SE and Utah Ave in the town of Lone Tree. The driver of the smaller car ran into the woods nearby and left the accident scene without contacting the police or the other driver, which is a crime. 

An investigation crew arrived at the scene around 6:30 pm that night. They found one injured individual in the SUV who needed to be transported to a local hospital for medical treatment. The suspect’s car had significant front end damage, and would not be able to be driven away from the scene for more than a few miles. Police later found the vehicle on fire in a field a short distance away from where the accident happened. It was a 2006 Nissan Altima that was registered to the suspect’s wife. A witness also claimed that the suspect had been drinking alcohol a short time before the collision.  

After the suspect was apprehended, text messages in his phone to his wife revealed a conversation where he had told her he would pay for the damage to her car. There were also seat belt markings on his body that matched the size of the seat belt in the Altima. 

Based on this information, the suspect was booked into the Johnson County Jail for leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident with injuries. 

Reasons to never leave the scene of an accident

Iowa, like every other state in the U.S., has laws against leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident. You may be charged criminally and face other consequences unless you remain at the scene and make contact with the other driver. Police and fire departments should be notified as well if there are injuries to anyone involved or passengers in any vehicle. 

Insurance companies may also penalize drivers who do not report accidents properly, as this may violate the terms of their policy. To avoid higher insurance rates and other issues with your auto coverage, it is best to contact your provider as soon as possible after the accident and follow all of their procedures. 

Evidence of any of these illegal activities are beneficial to a plaintiff in a civil lawsuit against the driver responsible. 

Get assistance from an accident attorney

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