After a multiple vehicle crash, it may be difficult to determine exactly who is responsible for the damage. The law provides a way of dividing fault between multiple people or entities to handle these kinds of situations. 

A fatal accident involving three cars happened on Iowa Highway 92 in Madison County

Car spins out and gets struck by another vehicle after the first collision

Police believe that the victim was going eastbound on Highway 92 close to 201st Trail at around 4:30 pm before the situation became problematic. The Iowa State Patrol said that around this time, the victim drifted over the center line and sideswiped another vehicle going in the opposite direction. This initial impact caused the victim’s car to spin out, when it was struck a second time on the passenger side by another car. She was pronounced dead by medical personnel at the scene a short time later.

The victim was identified as a 23 year old woman from Indianola, Iowa, which is just south of Des Moines. The driver of the third vehicle impacted needed to be transported to a hospital as well, but no specific information was given about their injuries. A 3 year old passenger in the victim’s car required hospitalization for undisclosed injuries. The second car involved did not report any injuries. The state police were in the process of conducting a full accident investigation.   

Accidents and comparative negligence laws

Car accidents are common sources of injury and death in just about every region of the United States. It is also fairly common for accidents to include several vehicles, where it may not be entirely clear exactly who is to blame for the damages. Negligence laws have been updated in many states over the years to provide answers in these situations. 

Iowa’s negligence laws

The state of Iowa uses a form of contributory negligence that will allow many plaintiffs to collect money after an accident, even when they are somewhat responsible for the damage. Under the state’s form of contributory negligence, each plaintiff can collect as long as their level of fault is less than the defendant that they are suing. In cases where they are partially at fault, their damages will be reduced relative to this level of fault. Because this can create some complex situations, it is always recommended to talk to a lawyer about the specifics of your accident before attempting to file a lawsuit. 

Get assistance after any accident in the state of Iowa

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