In Mississippi, a person has certain legal duties they must respect after getting into a car accident. This means that if a driver fails to act in a certain way and they fail to follow certain steps after a collision, they can be held legally accountable for their lack of responsibility.

One of the legal duties a person has is they must remain at the scene of the accident until numbers have been exchanged and the relevant authorities have been called. Any driver who leaves the scene of a collision may be charged with a hit and run and their actions will not be taken lightly. Apart from staying at the scene of the accident and reaching out to the relevant authorities, a person also has the responsibility of ensuring they give a reasonable amount of assistance to anyone who was involved in the collision.

This means that if there was someone who suffered injuries due to the accident, this person should be given help through calling an ambulance or providing transportation for them to get to a medical facility so they can be treated as soon as possible. Injuries should never be left to fester and victims of any sort of accident should always ensure they are checked up properly by a medical professional. If they fail to get checked up right away, they will likely decrease their chances of getting properly compensated and their injuries may get worse as well.

It is important to keep in mind that a person must follow these legal duties on both public and private property, and they are not just limited to the main road.

Can anyone sue a person for helping the injured in Jackson, Mississippi?

The good news is that under the law of Mississippi, a person is protected from liability in emergency cases. This means that if a person was trying to help someone after an accident or they were trying to transport an injured person and something went wrong along the way, they won’t be held liable for it.

Even if no one was injured they should contact the police if there was significant property damage or if the accident results in any sort of traffic blockage.

The injuries and other losses a person suffers after a car accident can be life-changing and can significantly reduce the quality of a person’s life. Anyone who gets into a car accident should get in touch with an attorney at the Heilman Law Group to learn more about their rights and the car accident claim process.

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