A Louisiana man had to be rescued by the local fire department after his vehicle slid off of a highway and into the water

Fire department rescues several drivers from cars that were stuck in the water

The St. George Fire Department received an emergency call just before 7 am about a motor vehicle accident on Interstate Highway 10 eastbound. When they arrived at the area of Siegen Lane and Highland Road, they saw the victim standing on top of his vehicle, which was partially submerged and flipped over in the water. The driver did not seem to be hurt, but he was trapped because the vehicle was surrounded by water. His car had apparently slipped off of the highway and into the body of water nearby. 

A special operations team from the local fire department had to respond and use flotation devices and other equipment to rescue the man. They used these flotation materials to reach the car and extract the man from the water back to the solid ground safely. 

A spokesperson for the St. George Fire Protection District confirmed that there were three car accidents in the same area that day related to unusually high water levels. As fire department personnel responded to this first accident, they received another report of a vehicle that had gone off of Interstate 10 near Essen and Bluebonnet about twenty minutes later. All of the vehicles involved were partially submerged in water.

Medical personnel at the scene of these accidents evaluated the drivers involved. None of them appeared to be seriously hurt or require hospitalization. 

Driving in poor conditions

Severe weather and wet roads are a huge risk for drivers. Cars generally do not handle well in wet conditions from rain, snow, and ice. Driving in this weather greatly increases the possibility that a car may slip, slide, or drift in unexpected ways, and the car’s brakes will not work properly when they are wet. 

Despite these potential problems on the road due to the weather, drivers are still expected to maintain a normal standard of care at all times. This means that anyone who causes an accident can still be legally responsible for their actions, even if the weather was a contributing factor. Because negligence cases and the process of dividing fault can become complex in many civil lawsuits, it is important to get legal help after a car crash. Your lawyer can give more information about the potential value of your case and chances of winning. 

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