MA Driver Trapped Inside Car After Tanker Carrying 10,000 Gallons of Oil Rolls on Top of It

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A motorist who drives on the interstate should be driving with a great deal of caution. Cars are traveling at all different speeds, some exceeding the actual limit. While some are mindful of these risky conditions, others aren’t too concerned. Because we have such a diverse group of people driving on our roads today, it is extremely important that you are cautious in everything you do. From your speed limit to changing lanes, there is no move you should make that isn’t well thought out and planned for. And here’s why.

Just a few days back, a Massachusetts driver was traveling on Interstate 495 when he attempted to change lanes. Unfortunately, in the process of doing so, he collided with a tanker truck that was carrying 10,000 gallons of home heating oil. The truck driver attempted to avoid the crash but ended up rolling on top of the car. As a result, the 41-year-old man driving the car was trapped in the wreckage for over an hour.  Firefighters worked diligently to get the man out of his vehicle and he was then loaded onto a medical helicopter that was waiting for him, according to CBS Local. He was transported to UMass Memorial, suffering from serious injuries.

As for the truck driver, reported that he was also transported to a local hospital where treatment could be rendered for the injuries he sustained. After the two men were removed from the scene, Hazmat teams were dispatched to clean up the oil spill from the tanker. Although some oil did seep out as a result of the accident, the environmental and hazmat crews were able to contain the spill, preventing it from leaking into the local waterways.

While the two individuals involved in this auto accident were lucky enough to survive the collision, it goes to show how one small move can turn into a chaotic mess. Switching lanes can sometimes be tricky, and if you don’t take the right amount of time to ensure the coast is clear to maneuver over, you put your life and those around you at risk. That’s is why we are providing you with a few steps you can take to avoid making an error the next time you need to change lanes.


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    Try implementing these tips the next time you are out driving and need to switch lanes.

    If you need to go around a slower moving vehicle, put your turn signal on for a few seconds to let other drivers know you are getting over.

  2. Check your rearview and side mirrors for other cars in the lane you are attempting to switch into.
  3. Move into the lane and be sure you maintain the speed that others are traveling at. While you do need to keep up with traffic, don’t exceed the speed limit.
  4. If you wish to get back over and pass the vehicle that was driving slower, be sure to check your mirrors and ensure the lane is open for you to maneuver back into. Always use your turn signal to indicate your intention to other motorists.

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