Miami Dade Woman Dies in Car Crash After Attempting to Pull Back onto the Roadway

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A tragic accident took the life of an unidentified woman in Miami-Dade just a few days back. The woman was driving on Southwest 200th Street near 140th Avenue when she began veering off the roadway. As she attempted to get back on the road, she collided with a pickup truck traveling beside her, according to the Miami Herald. The truck struck the passenger side of her vehicle, causing her to die from the impact. The driver of the truck, however, only suffered minor injuries.

Florida Highway Patrol spokesman, Joe Sanchez, commented on the accident stating that the woman was not wearing her seatbelt which may have played a role in the accident being a fatal one. It’s always sad to hear of another life being taken in a car accident, but it highlights the need for safer, more attentive drivers. While it isn’t clear what caused the woman’s vehicle to veer off, she likely tried to just come back on without taking into account that other cars might be traveling nearby.

So, in this article, we are providing you with some tips to consider in the event you have to pull your vehicle off to the side of the road and the best way to get back on.


Tips for Getting Your Vehicle on the Road After Pulling Off to the Shoulder


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When pulling back onto the street or highway, be sure you are cautious and careful to avoid engaging in an accident.

Attempting to get back on the road after pulling off can be rather intimidating, especially if you are traveling on the highway. Below we share a few tips to keep in mind the next time you are trying to get back on the roadway after having to pull to the side.


  1. Check around your vehicle using your rear view and hand side mirrors to ensure no other car is nearby or coming up on the side of you.
  2. Put your turn signal on for at least three seconds before preparing to go back onto the roadway.
  3. Put your car in the appropriate gear and prepare to pull out.
  4. Check your mirrors one more time.
  5. Check over your shoulder and remember to look out for smaller vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.
  6. If it is safe, gently begin to move forward and gradually turn your car away from the curb/ shoulder.
  7. Be sure once you have gotten back on the roadway that you keep up with the flow of traffic.


[Source: New Zealand Transportation Agency].


It is important that when pulling back onto the roadway that you exercise caution as drivers aren’t necessarily looking out for you. And in the event you have been involved in a car crash in Miami Dade and believe it was caused by a negligent driver, the car accident lawyers can place you in contact with will help you recover compensation for your injuries. If a loved one of yours lost their life in an auto accident, the car crash attorneys in Miami Dade can also help you file what is called a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf.

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