Mississippi, Senior Loses Life in Car Accident

Car accidents can take the life of anyone, regardless of age, and everyone from tiny babies to older adults are all susceptible to suffering such a fate. A senior woman recently lost her life in a two-vehicle accident in Mississipi. This 66-year-old woman had her vehicle collide with a truck and was pronounced dead at the scene. (1)

The only way that individuals can avoid getting into an accident is by taking proper preventive measures, and by making sure they follow the rules as best as possible. Here are some ways to avoid getting into a collision:

1. Always Wear A Seatbelt

Wearing a seatbelt is the single most effective way to protect oneself in the event of an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), seatbelts reduce the risk of fatal injury by 45% in cars and 60% in pickup trucks and SUVs.

2. Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in Mississippi. Avoid using a phone, eating, or doing anything else that takes one’s attention away from the road. If anyone needs to use their phone, they should just pull over to a safe location.

3. Follow the Speed Limit

Speeding is another common cause of car accidents in Mississippi. Always follow the posted speed limit, especially in residential areas and school zones. Additionally, reduce speed during inclement weather or when driving on unfamiliar roads.

4. Stay Alert and Focused

Be alert and focused while driving. Keep your eyes on the road, and avoid daydreaming or letting your mind wander. If you feel drowsy, pull over to a safe location and take a break.

5. Maintain Your Vehicle

Regular maintenance of a vehicle is crucial to ensure that it is in good condition and operating safely. Regularly checking brakes, tires, and lights, and having one’s vehicle serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations is important.

6. Yield to Pedestrians

Pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks and intersections. Always yield to pedestrians, especially in school zones and areas with heavy foot traffic.

7. Don’t Drive Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal and extremely dangerous. Anyone who plans on drinking, should arrange for a designated driver or use a rideshare service to get home safely.

In conclusion, avoiding a car accident in Mississippi requires vigilance, attentiveness, and responsible driving habits. By following the tips outlined above, individuals can reduce their risk of being involved in an accident and protect themselves and others on the road. Keep in mind to always wear one’s seatbelt, avoid distractions, follow the speed limit, stay alert and focused, maintain the vehicle, yield to pedestrians, and never drive under the influence.

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