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Driving is a part of daily life for Montana residents, and most can avoid being in a car accident. However, not all motorists in the state are fortunate enough to avoid a car crash indefinitely and may one day need to file an injury claim.

Montana Car Accidents Can Result in Catastrophic Injuries

According to the Montana Department of Transportation, 1,000 people suffered serious injuries in traffic accidents in 2015. Below we will discuss a few catastrophic injuries common for victims of car crashes.

Back Injury

A back injury can be debilitating for the sufferer and lead to a lifetime of back pain. A person who injures their back may find it difficult to walk, work or engage in activities they once enjoyed. Back injuries such as herniated disks, transverse process fractures, dislocation fractures or axial bursts are typical for crash survivors.

Neck injury

A neck injury can be minor or damaging, depending on the point of impact, the force of a crash, and whether a person was wearing a seatbelt when the collision occurred. Whiplash is commonplace in traffic accidents.

Spinal injury

Traffic accidents cause a large fraction of spinal injuries in the U.S. the CDC reports. Spinal injuries sometimes result in partial or complete paralysis.

One of the leading causes of spinal injuries in the U.S. is the Centers for Disease Control reports. Victims of spinal injuries can become tetraplegic-unable to control arms or legs- or paraplegic- unable to move legs- and will face exorbitant medical costs. The American Association of Neurological Surgeons says that a spinal injury that occurs closer to the brain has a greater chance of causing permanent damage.

Other accident injuries include:

Broken bones


Cracked ribs

Cuts and bruises

Traumatic brain injuries


Resources for spinal injury victims in Montana:

Community Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute of Montana

2827 Fort Missoula Rd, Missoula, MT 59804

For spinal injury support groups visit:

Why Should You Hire a Car Accident lawyer in Montana?

There are many reasons why you should retain a car accident lawyer in Montana. For one, the costs of road accidents can add up quickly. When you hire an accident attorney, they will make certain you get the full amount of compensation you need to cover your accident.

Costs of Car Accidents

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that auto crashes cost Montana $299 million each year. That breaks down to $2 million in medical expenses and $2.98 million on work loss costs.

Our team of accident attorneys understands that in additional to physical injuries, accident victims suffer psychologically. Accident victims often face anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome. Because they are injured, in pain and emotionally distraught, collision victims experience a diminished quality of life.

When you retain a car accident lawyer in Montana, they will take control of your case and handle all aspects of your claim. If you decide you want to settle with an insurance company, your counsel will argue your case with insurance adjusters, so they can recover the maximum amount you deserve.