Multiple cars affected as icy roads cause dangerous conditions in Austin

Austin, TX – Driving in severe weather is always dangerous. Conditions like wet roads, poor visibility, and strong winds all make it much more likely that a driver will lose control of their vehicle. If an accident occurs in these conditions, drivers need to get emergency help immediately. After the situation is secure, the people involved should also contact their insurance company and get legal advice to determine how to proceed and see if there is compensation available. 

The Austin Fire Department and Travis County EMS gave details about a car collision that involved ten vehicles [1]. 

Multiple car crash in South Austin area 

Several ambulances and fire vehicles needed to respond to the area of Congress Ave and Ben White to attend to accident victims. There were at least ten cars and one pedestrian affected by the large collision. The collision happened as severe winter weather was coming into the area and conditions were deteriorating due to icy roads. Local governments had advised drivers to stay off of the roads unless there was an emergency. They also told motorists to stay in their vehicles if there was a collision, as it is dangerous to go outside until emergency crews arrive. 

At the time of the news report, one person involved in the large crash had died from their injuries. There was no exact number given for the total amount of other injuries at the time. 

Who is at fault for a multiple vehicle crash?

The facts surrounding a collision involving so many cars can be difficult to sort through. Drivers who were affected may have a limited perspective regarding who was ultimately responsible, and even investigations after the fact may not be able to come up with exact answers. Even in situations where fault is not clear, drivers are required to report these accidents to their insurance provider. There may be money available to assist with the costs of the repairs and medical treatment from the insurance claim. However, civil lawsuits may also be necessary, as it is possible that the cause of the accident was the negligence of one or more drivers. If someone is negligent, they are also financially responsible for the injuries and losses, either through their insurance or personal funds.

Accident attorneys in Austin

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