Have a Nebraska Car Accident Lawyer Help You With Your Case

A car crash occurred once every 16 minutes in Nebraska in 2015, according to the Nebraska Department of Transportation. Those accidents result in an average of 45 injuries each day in the Cornhusker State. A car accident has the potential to disrupt a person’s life emotionally, financially, physically and professionally and the victims need support and legal assistance.

What Do I Do After My Car Accident?

There are a few steps you should take after your crash:

One thing you should not do is be eager to accept a settlement before your case and injuries are fully evaluated. USAttorneys recommends you meet with a personal injury lawyer in Nebraska before you accept a settlement. They can assess the total cost of your collision, so you don’t settle for less than is warranted for your injuries.

A Car Accident Attorney Can Help with Challenging Cases

Along with making sure you recover all the damages you are entitled to for your financial and emotional damages, a car accident lawyer will also help you with challenging car accidents claims like the following:

Teenage drivers- Recovering compensation for an accident caused by a teen driver usually requires you deal with the driver’s parents.

Hit-and-run- In some cases, police can identify hit-and-run drivers, but when they cannot be located, the victim must turn to their insurer to recover their losses.

Uninsured drivers- If an uninsured driver hits you, you must negotiate with your insurer to recover compensation.

Claims against the government- These injury claims can be complicated because a different set of rules apply if an employee of a local, state or federal agency is responsible for your collision.

If you need to file an accident claim against a state agency in Nebraska, your claim must be sent to the following address:

State Capitol Building

1445 K Street, Room 1524

Lincoln, NE 68509

Recovering Financial Damages

A big challenge for many accident victims is recovering the full amount of compensation they deserve for their crash. There are several reasons for that. For one, most accident victims don’t know the total cost of their accident. Some injuries require long-term medical treatment that isn’t accounted for in settlement offers. Only someone who works with accident victims regularly understands the total costs accident victims face. Negotiations can present another challenge for victims. Our accident attorneys have extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies and can counter any arguments levied against you that could lead to smaller settlement than you need.