How To Find A North Dakota Car Accident Lawyer and Auto Wreck Attorney

Getting involved in a car crash isn’t something we expect to occur as we drive up and back from the places we go to on a daily basis. We think nothing of it to hop into our car, drive to work, drop off our kids at school, and even head to our local grocer to pick up the items we have on your weekly shopping list. But as common as this may be for you, it is equally common for auto collisions to transpire that leave people injured, cars wrecked, and some families without a loved one of theirs not knowing how they are going to carry on with life. Because these types of accidents are significant and something you need to know more about, below is vital information that can help you in the event you have recently become involved in an auto accident in the state of North Dakota.

North Dakota is a No-Fault State

While some car accidents are caused by a distracted driver, a drunk motorist, or debris in the roadway, it was caused by another factor that led you to crash. But, let’s say you were the cause of the accident? The no-fault system is designed to help individuals gain the ability to file an insurance claim for the damages, regardless of fault. Sometimes auto insurers aren’t willing to come out and pay for a minor or even major collision but no-fault, they don’t really have a choice but to provide you with your rightful coverage.

Our car accident attorneys here in North Dakota understand that this may be confusing for you as you may not have been the initiator and your insurance policy is where the compensation may be coming from but there are some instances when the other motorist involved is responsible to pay. For instance:

  1. If you incurred more than $2,500 in medical expenses or your doctor suspected this is going to be the outcome, the other party’s insurer may be responsible for covering your insurance costs.
  2. If your injuries have you suffering for more than 60 days, whether it be a disability or disfigurement, you can file a claim through their carrier as opposed to yours.

North Dakota Crash Facts

According to the North Dakota Department of Transportation,

How to Handle the Claims Process

After being involved in an accident, it is important that you tend to your injuries and then initiate a claim through your auto insurance company. If you are driving without insurance, you are going to want to contact us immediately where we will help put you in touch with some of our best car accident attorneys in ND as you could be up against some serious penalties for driving without the proper coverage.

The first thing you need to do is contact your assigned agent or insurance company to begin filing your claim. If you are looking to make a claim against a reckless driver, you can do so by contacting their insurer.

Because each accident is unique to the circumstances surrounding it, the way in which the claims process is handed varies. But, if you have any questions or wish to hire a nearby North Dakota car crash lawyer, we can help you find the professional who can cater to all our legal needs.