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A car accident can be devastating to any party involved in it. People experience physical, emotional, and mental distress after an accident occurs, and sometimes, it becomes a life-long issue they are forced to live with. Because car accidents usually result in more than just a beat-up vehicle, it is important you understand what it is you are entitled to and what laws can affect how your claim is handled/settled.

In the state of Ohio, there are some important laws you need to know about that could ultimately cause you to lose out on money that could help pay for accrued medical expenses, time lost from work, and even the damage that has been done to your vehicle.


Insurance and the Role It Plays in An Auto Accident

First and foremost, your insurance carrier is expected to cover your injuries and the damages incurred. After all, that is why you pay for it each and every month. It certain circumstances, your coverage may also be responsible for covering other damages the involved parties sustained in the event you were partially or completely at fault for causing the auto accident. It all comes down to the deductible you have and the limits that have been set. This will ultimately determine how much, if anything, is your responsibility to pay out of pocket.


What is the Comparative Negligence Law in Ohio?

While it would have been impossible to collect compensation in the past if you were found at fault for an auto accident in Ohio, with the comparative negligence law, this isn’t an issue anymore. Before, if a driver was found at fault for any portion of the accident, they couldn’t collect compensation for medical costs, auto repairs, etc. according to the Ohio Department of Insurance.

Now, the “Comparative negligence law provides for you and the other driver to share the cost of damages from an accident in proportion to your share of negligence.” This is true when your contribution to the accident is determined to be 50% or less. Anything higher than 50%, you risk the chance of not recovering any losses from the other motorist involved. But of course, our auto accident lawyers can help if this is an issue you are currently facing.

But, if you are being cornered and accused of causing any bit of an auto wreck you believe wasn’t your fault, you are going to need to hire one of our experienced Ohio car accident attorneys immediately so they can work on your behalf and help prove you are guilt-free.


Statute of Limitations to File a Car Accident Lawsuit in Ohio

While most car crash incidents are resolved through insurance claims being filed, sometimes it requires the involved individuals to file a lawsuit to attain the compensation they feel they are deserving of. If you wish to pursue a car accident lawsuit in the state of Ohio, you need to do so within a two-year timeframe from the date the collision occurred. If you wait to file suit and you attempt to do so after the two-year mark, you will not be permitted to file it as per the Ohio Revised Codes 2305.10(A) and 2305.03(A).

So, if you are looking to file suit or have questions pertaining to your particular accident case, give us a call today and we will be more than happy to connect you with one of the best car crash lawyers in the state of Ohio.