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Oklahoma Car Injury Lawyers and Auto Accident Attorneys

Were you recently involved in a car accident in the state of Oklahoma? Did you suffer injuries? Have you already filed an insurance claim to receive compensation for accrued medical bills and those you can expect to pay down the road? How about funds to repair your vehicle?

While it may be too much consider at one time if your accident injuries are fresh, it is vital you get what you deserve if someone brought upon these circumstances which now have you suffering and in pain.

The car accident attorneys found right here on are familiar with the laws surrounding this type of matter and can provide you with the necessary knowledge and guidance to get what it is you deserve from your insurance company and possibly that of the other involved driver.

Was Your Auto Accident Unexpected or Staged?

We often think that when a car accident occurs, it happens out of shear negligence or transpires out of nowhere. But there are other ways in which these crashes occur and it is important you are aware of them.

While most car insurance companies provide their insureds with compensation for when they engage in an accident, others see this as an opportunity to earn a little extra “income.” Hence, the idea of staged accidents is born. According to, staged car accidents are becoming more common in the U.S. as perpetrators who cause these collisions “intend to make money by submitting bogus claims.” That means they not only cause the accident, but also fake the injuries to make them seem more severe than they truly are so your insurance can provide a payout to them.

Therefore, if you were involved in a car crash recently in Oklahoma and feel the other party involved is making more of the accident than what truly occurred, you need to contact us immediately. You are going to want to speak with a local OK auto accident lawyer and we know only the best in the field.

Types of Staged Car Crashes

These are more of the common types of auto accidents that are known to be staged according to

  • The T-Bone Accident– A scam artist may wait for you to cross through an intersection before they proceed to T-bone your vehicle. They often have “shady helpers” who pretend to be witnesses who claim you ran the red light.
  • The Wave– This happens when a driver gives you the “wave” acknowledging that it is okay to get over when you are looking to switch lanes. They then speed up and hit you. When police arrive, the scammer denies they ever gave you the green light to go.
  • Brake Slam– This type of accident transpires when the person in front of you slams their brakes on purpose causing you to collide into the back of them. And in most instances similar to this, the person in the back is usually the one found at fault.

When Should You Contact a Local Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyer?

After you have tended to your injuries, it is important you at least speak with a reputable lawyer who can give you some advice on what to do next. While accidents happen all the time, we don’t usually handle these types of cases on a daily basis. You need to know that your accident claim is being handled properly, fairly, and that you aren’t being held responsible for an accident you didn’t cause.


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