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Car collisions range in severity and while some are able to walk away with just a dented bumper, others are forced to live out the rest of their lives suffering with mild to serious conditions. Although there are many things that need to be taken care of after an accident has occurred, the first thing you want to do is tend to your injuries. Once you are able to go about your day in a similar manner that you once were able to, you then need to consider how you want to file your claim.


Are You Looking to File a Claim or Lawsuit?

While most car collision claims can be settled through both party’s insurance carriers, sometimes further action needs to be taken simply because you aren’t provide with the maximum compensation for the damages incurred. After an accident, depending on fault, you are generally entitled to funds that cover the accrued costs to repair your vehicle along with the medical treatments you had rendered. And don’t forget the fact that your vehicle is now worth less because it has been involved in an accident.

Because car crash claims don’t always provide you with what you truly are deserving of, you are then advised to hire one our car accident lawyers in Oregon who can assist with filing a car accident lawsuit.


Did You Follow Through with Your Full Responsibilities in the Accident?

Before you elect to file a lawsuit, you may want to consider the following information. The state of Oregon has laws that all drivers are required to follow after a car collision occurs. Each party involved is expected to do the following:

  1. Stop at Once– After a collision, you are required to stop at the scene or nearby if you are blocking traffic or putting yourself and others at risk. Those who engage in a “hit and run” could potentially be faced with serious consequences including having your driver’s license revoked or suspended.
  1. Render Aid– If possible, you are expected to render reasonable aid to those who have suffered injuries, but you shouldn’t move them carelessly as this could cause their injuries to worsen. While you are required to remain on scene until an officer arrives and clears the accident scene, you don’t want to impose any further harm by attempting to move the injured motorist or passenger. If you did leave the scene of the accident without waiting for police to arrive, you could be punished and convicted for hit and run.
  1. Exchange Information– You must have provided the following information to the other driver, passenger, or pedestrian, depending on who was involved in the accident.
  1. Report the accident to the DMV

If you failed to abide by these state requirements after a car accident, you are more than likely facing penalties for doing so and will want to have an Oregon car crash attorney representing you. They work with individuals who have been involved in car accidents on a daily basis and understand what needs to be done to help explain why you were unable to comply with these requirements.

To learn more about getting your claim filed, settled, or how to go about suing the negligent party for initiating the crash, give us a call today and we will put you in touch with a top of line Oregon attorney who specializes in car accident claims.