Pedestrian was hit by vehicle on Interstate 12 in East Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, LA – If a pedestrian chooses to walk on or near roads late at night this can be extremely dangerous. Certain highways and other large roads do not allow pedestrian foot traffic due to this increased risk of danger from vehicles going at high speeds. However, drivers also have a duty to be careful on the roads, and it is possible that they can be given traffic citations or charged criminally for causing an accident with a pedestrian. It is also possible that a civil injury lawyer can file a lawsuit against the driver responsible for the crash.

Local news for the East Baton Rouge area reported on an incident where a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in the late night hours on a highway [1].

Few details regarding a nighttime highway collision with a pedestrian

Police and others from East Baton Rouge Parish were in the process of investigating what caused a collision between a pedestrian and a driver on Interstate Highway 12 at approximately 11 pm on a Thursday night. A large section of the eastbound part of the highway near Sherwood Forest Blvd. had to be closed down to traffic while the area was cleared and the investigation began. Both police and fire department vehicles were seen in the area. 

The East Baton Rouge Coroner’s Office released a statement that one pedestrian was deceased and the cause of their death was considered an accident. The following morning, local police still did not have information about an exact cause of the incident and said they would provide updates at a later time. There was also no information regarding whether anyone had been cited or charged with any crime for causing the accident and the fatal injuries. 

Evidence that the driver is responsible

The police may investigate to find things like video surveillance footage or witness reports of the time before the accident. It is possible that a driver was speeding or engaged in other illegal behaviors that led to the crash, which can result in criminal or civil liability. However, walking onto a highway is an obvious risk, and the pedestrian may have assumed this risk by going onto a busy highway on foot late at night when there is reduced visibility.

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Sources: 1. https://www.wbrz.com/news/pedestrian-dies-after-being-struck-by-vehicle-on-i-12-late-thursday-night

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