People Are Intentionally Causing Car Crashes in Florida

Most car accidents are exactly that — accidents. Nobody actually tries to cause a car crash, because everyone knows how dangerous they can be. Even drunk drivers are dimly aware in the back of their minds that crashing their vehicles is something they should strive to avoid. The same goes for reckless drivers, street racers, and distracted drivers. But believe it or not, there are some rare cases that involve people intentionally causing car crashes. In fact, there have been a few of these incidents within the past few weeks alone.

Florida Teen Decides to Drive into Oncoming Traffic

On April 1st, it was reported that a Florida teen had made the decision to intentionally drive into oncoming traffic. No this was not some kind of April Fool’s joke, and no one was laughing after the collision. Apparently, the 15-year-old was being pursued by police in Holmes County when she decided to cross the median and drive into oncoming traffic. She then head-on collided with a pickup truck, suffering minor injuries as a result. This crash then caused two other vehicles to crash in a chain reaction. Fortunately, the teen’s minor injuries represented the extent of human suffering in this particular incident.

Man Intentionally Crashes into Vehicle to Steal Casino Winnings

On March 31st, it was reported that a Florida man had been arrested after crashing into a vehicle on Highway 97. The person driving that vehicle was a man in his 60s, and he had recently won thousands of dollars at the Wind Creek Casino in Atmore. Little did he know that he was being tailed by a pair of assailants who knew about his winnings.

The crash occurred all the way back in December of 2022, and the assailants essentially rammed the victim’s car to force him off the road. However, they may have made it look like an innocent accident, because the victim put on his emergency flashers and pulled over. He probably expected the occupants of the vehicle to get out and apologize, or perhaps provide him with their insurance details.

Instead, they approached with weapons drawn and immediately disarmed the victim. They then threatened him, forced him to reveal the location of his $8,000 stash (it was hidden in his boot), and robbed him. Having made off with his weapon, his cash, and other items, the defendants then used the victim’s credit card three times that night, withdrawing a total of $1,800.

It took them four months, but the police eventually tracked down the attacker and charged him with credit card fraud, battery, aggravated assault, two counts of larceny, and robbery. It is unclear whether the victim will get his winnings back.

Where Can I Find a Personal Injury Attorney in Florida?

If you were injured by someone intentionally causing a car crash in Florida, you definitely have the potential to file a personal injury lawsuit. In order to do this, you will need to get in touch with a qualified auto accident lawyer in Fort Walton Beach. Choose the Browning Law Firm, P.A., and you can get started with an effective action plan as you fight for justice and compensation.


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