Car crashes result in large expenses due to things like hospitalization, property repairs, or even funeral and burial costs after a deadly accident. There are ways to utilize the civil law to get assistance with paying for these costs. 

Local police had to respond to an intersection in west Phoenix, Arizona where one person was reported dead after a motor vehicle crash.

Driver is killed during a turn into an intersection

The situation began at the intersections of 83rd Ave and Thomas Road early on a Monday. A Sergeant with the Phoenix police reported that a vehicle was making a left turn onto Thomas Road from 83rd Ave at about 4 am. Another car that was going southbound on 83rd Ave collided with the turning vehicle. The vehicle that was in the process of turning left flipped over from the impact, and the driver was pronounced dead a short time later by emergency crews at the scene. 

The police did not have any other immediate details about additional injuries, other cars involved, or if the driver at fault would be cited for traffic violations. Photos of the scene showed an SUV flipped on its top near a traffic light at the intersection.

Personal injury law and negligence

Most motor vehicle accidents and other common sources of injuries are handled by lawyers who focus their entire practices on assisting accident victims. These are generally called personal injury firms

Personal injury is actually a subset of tort law that deals almost exclusively with negligence cases. Negligence is the legal term for when a driver, business, or some other person or entity does not observe the appropriate duty of care and hurts another individual. If they are found to be at fault afterward, they will owe the victim a sum of money that pays for their injuries, lost wages, property damage, and other financial problems. 

A negligence case has four basic elements, even though state laws differ slightly. These are a relevant duty of care, a breach of that duty, proximate and actual causation, and damages to the victim. After a typical car accident, the attorney for the plaintiff usually argues that the defendant was careless while driving, and caused some kind of injury or death that resulted in various kinds of expenses and inconvenience. 

Any civil legal action requires that the plaintiff prove all of the elements with clear and convincing evidence to find the defendant at fault. After doing so, they can make an argument to the jury that all of the plaintiff’s losses as well as emotional pain and suffering should be paid for. 

Get assistance from a local attorney

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