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Involved in an Auto Accident in Rhode Island?

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The state of Rhode Island has very strict laws when it comes to driving as does every other state. The purpose of these laws is to help keep the roadways safe and prevent car accidents from occurring. When a person becomes negligent in some way or another, they tend to break one or more of these laws which can ultimately lead to an accident. Some of the following instances would constitute as negligence in a collision:

Because negligence is usually the key factor that caused an auto accident to occur, it is often what insurer’s look for when determining fault in an accident


How Can You Help Determine Fault in a Car Crash?

Although it is ideal to have a Rhode Island car accident lawyer in your city working to determine this, there are different things you can use that will help recognize the guilty party for engaging in reckless behavior while driving. The first thing that will benefit you and your claim is to have the police report handy. Your insurer is going to want a copy of this as well.

A police report is going to highlight the accident scene, the damage done, whether injuries were sustained, and if anyone was killed in the crash. Usually, an officer is able to determine fault in an accident and this will be documented on the report. But, if you feel that some of the blame was placed on you and you know the other driver was the true cause of the accident, you then want to consider hiring a car crash lawyer who can convey this message to your insurance company and it actually be considered.


You Can Use Traffic Laws to Help Build Your Case

If you are looking to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries and property damage after an accident, you are also going to want to be aware of which traffic laws have been broken. Because our auto accident attorneys in Rhode Island have years’ worth of experience in auto crash cases, they are familiar with the traffic laws and which ones can be used to build a solid basis for your claim. And because Rhode Island is a “Fault” state, the person found guilty of causing the collision is going to be held liable for paying for it.


If You Were injured, You Deserve Compensation

If you sustained any sort of injury or if you lost a loved one during the incident, you deserve to be compensated for the accrued medical bills and time away from work. You also don’t want to forget about the pain and suffering you have been forced to endure. Because car accidents are known to cause serious and life-altering conditions, we want you to be represented by the best car crash lawyers in the state of Rhode Island. Give us a call today and we will connect with a legal professional free of charge.