Speeding driver dies during attempted lane change in Indiana

Hammond, IN – Speeding is a common reason why drivers receive traffic tickets. However, the reason that speeding is illegal is because of the greatly increased chance that a speeding driver will cause an accident. Over the years, data has consistently shown that a high rate of speed is one of the most frequent causes of motor vehicle injuries and deaths in Indiana and other states. 

When a driver causes an accident

If a speeding driver causes a collision, anyone who is hurt has the right to speak with a lawyer and see if they can be compensated for their losses such as medical bills and lost income. A personal injury lawsuit is an important way for accident victims to receive sufficient financial help after a car crash, as auto insurance on its own may not provide enough assistance and companies sometimes attempt to offer small settlements. 

CBS News reported on a serious motor vehicle accident in Hammond that caused one fatality and several injuries [1].

One death and several injured after driver speeds during attempted pass

The local police in Hammond arrived at an accident scene at approximately 6:45 pm in the area of the 7000 block of Southeastern Ave. A witness in the area told police that a black car was likely speeding while going northbound. When this driver attempted to pass another vehicle on their left, it went head on into a Jeep vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. A video of the scene showed that both vehicles sustained significant front end impacts and damage during the accident.  

A 47 year old male who was driving the black car was confirmed to have died at the scene. The Jeep vehicle had six occupants, and four of them were children. All six of these people were rushed to a local hospital for treatment for their injuries.  

Police did not believe that the driver in the black car was part of any organized street racing activities, and he likely acted alone. However, a toxicology sample was taken to analyze for the presence of drugs or alcohol. There was no information given regarding the reason for the driver’s behavior or any other potential cause of the auto accident

Accident lawyers in Indiana

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