All drivers and auto garages are expected to report automobile crashes after they occur. Individuals must submit written reports of the collision to make sure there are written records of the accident in place. Even if a person does not intend on taking legal action against the other driver, they should still make sure to report the accident and to document as much evidence as possible to prevent unnecessary legal complications from arising later on.

It becomes necessary for a person to report the accident to the police and relevant authorities if an injury occurs, anyone loses their life, or they suffer greater than $1500 of damage to their vehicle.

When a person is filing their accident report, they should make sure to include the following inside it:

  • Statements
  • Videos of the scene
  • Photographs of the scene
  • A detailed description of the events leading to the accident
  • Personal information of all the people involved

One of the biggest mistakes individuals make after getting into a collision is that they try to hide what took place. Hiding evidence of a vehicle collision is considered a crime and it is a person’s responsibility to report the collision as accurately as possible if they want to avoid any form of legal penalization. Contacting an automobile attorney whenever a person gets the chance is a vital step that needs to be taken to ensure fair reimbursement for any harm that was suffered in a collision.

Contacting the car insurance company in Boise, Idaho

Before picking up the phone and dialing into the relevant insurance company, a person should make sure they take the advice of a legal representative first. A lot of people make the mistake of contacting the insurance company themselves without looking at their policy and their rights first. This often leads to drivers agreeing to accept a much lower offer than what their case enables them to retrieve.

A lawyer who has a thorough understanding of the law can better educate a person regarding their case and can even communicate with the insurer on their behalf to ensure they are given a fair settlement amount and they are not unknowingly taken advantage of by the insurance company.

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