While drivers expect that their vehicles will function properly and get them to their destinations, that does not always happen and mechanical problems are fairly common. 

A man in the Tallahassee area was killed in a single vehicle car crash due to a malfunction.

Driver dies after his tire fails and his car slides off of the road

The Florida Highway Patrol responded to the area of State Road 267 and Hopkins Landing Road in Gadsden County late on a Tuesday night. Police believe that the victim’s vehicle was going northbound on Pat Thomas Parkway. The car approached a left hand curve, and the front tire on the right side appeared to have some kind of malfunction and separate from the wheel. After this tire problem, the vehicle went off of the east shoulder of the road and down an embankment nearby.  

The police report said that the vehicle then turned over and flipped to the left. The undercarriage of the car also struck a tree as the car was turning over. A second impact involved the front of the car and another tree as it continued down the embankment. 

Emergency workers pronounced the man dead at the scene, and they notified his family members a short time later. Law enforcement did not release his identity, but they said that he was a 63 year old man from the town of Crawfordville. 

The aftermath of a fatal accident and related lawsuits

Car collisions often result in permanent injuries or death as this news story shows. In some cases, the machinery of the vehicle itself stops working properly which causes an accident because the driver loses control of a vehicle that is not working properly. This can happen with various other types of machinery, and it is a common enough problem that there is an entire area of tort law dedicated to these issues. This is called products liability, and the law generally holds manufacturers and distributors liable for any products that they inject into the stream of commerce. As long as the person was engaged in the intended use of the product when it caused an injury or other forms of damage, the company that made the item will generally have little defense. 

After someone dies, it is important that a family member looks into the possibility of a civil case. The sudden expenses of things like funerals and medical bills can start to add up quickly, and even if there are related criminal charges, these expenses will not be paid as part of the sentence in almost all cases. 

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