Tennessee Man Killed on I-24 in Nashville After Chunk of Concrete Smashes Through His Windshield

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Police suspect the piece of concrete was intentionally thrown from an overpass and into the roadway.

 The holiday season kicked off to a rough start for a Tennessee family after a tragic accident transpired on I-24 in Nashville. According to People.com, Joe C. Shelton Jr., 54, was headed to work at the Nissan plant in Smyrna when a block of concrete came crashing through his windshield and struck him. Shelton’s vehicle then slammed into a Toyota pickup truck and guardrail and then came to a stop on the Silliman Evans Bridge in Nashville. When police and medics arrived at the scene, Shelton was pronounced dead. The other driver was lucky enough to walk away uninjured.

After the Tennessee Department of Transportation began investigating the incident, it was determined that “the concrete was not a part of the bridge, but more closely resembled a roadway curb.” Based on these findings, authorities now suspect that “the chunk of concrete was intentionally thrown from the Shelby Avenue Bridge.” Unfortunately, police do not have any suspects in custody at the moment and are now urging anyone with any information to come forward. In the time being, officials will be reviewing surveillance cameras located nearby to see if they are able to identify anyone who may be responsible for throwing the large chunk of concrete off the bridge.

After the incident, Shelton’s employer, Nissan Group of North America, issued a statement about their employee’s death saying, “We are saddened to learn of Joe’s passing. Our deepest sympathies are with his family members, friends, and colleagues at this difficult time.” As you can only imagine, it can be rather difficult to lose someone in such an unexpected way. But the reality is, that is how car wrecks happen, when we least expect them to. We never know when we will encounter a distracted or drunk driver or a flying object that someone decided to toss out of their window or into the road.

Did you know that in 2017, there were 916 traffic fatalities reported in the state of TN and there have already been 919 deaths reported for 2018 [Source: Department of Safety & Homeland Security]?

Although we can’t predict when a car crash will occur, we can take all precautionary measures to help prevent one from happening. And if you are ever involved in a collision or you lose a family member to one of these horrific wrecks, it is best you get in contact with a Nashville, TN auto accident lawyer to find out what forms of legal action you are permitted to take. While an accident attorney cannot reverse what has transpired nor take away your pain, they can help you file a personal injury lawsuit or even a wrongful death lawsuit in an attempt to hold the negligent party accountable as well as recover compensation for the damages you suffered.

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