When vehicles collide at high speeds on wet roads, it is common for accident victims to be seriously injured or killed. 

A man from Antioch, Tennessee was killed in an accident involving two vehicles in Murfreesboro

Head on collision kills one victim and injures others

The incident happened near the intersections of Medical Center Parkway and the Warren Street Bridge. One driver in a Honda Accord was going westbound on Medical Center Parkway, but she began to lose control of the vehicle as she turned onto the bridge at Warren Street. Police believe she was driving too fast in the rain. The Accord started to swerve and hydroplaned into a 2002 Ford Mustang going in the opposite direction. 

The driver of the Mustang and one passenger had to be forcefully extracted from the vehicle by rescue workers with the Murfreesboro fire department. One of the victims from the Mustang was assisted by medical and fire department workers at the scene, but died later at a local hospital. The driver of the Accord and a passenger in the Mustang were taken to Rutherford County Hospital to be treated for injuries that did not appear to be life threatening. A 5 year old girl that was in the Accord was also taken to the hospital to be treated. Police were concerned that she was not secured in a child restraint device. 

No criminal charges were filed, but members of the local Fatal Accident Crash Team planned to do a full investigation and make recommendations to the local police. There was no information about the identities of the victims, and no traffic citations appeared to be issued. 

Fatal accidents and getting financial assistance after a family member dies

If a member of your family is killed in a motor vehicle accident, there are certain civil remedies provided in the state of Tennessee. The most important law in these situations is the state’s wrongful death statute. This is a law that essentially allows certain family members to bring a case on a deceased relative’s behalf. Usually a surviving spouse or child is the one who will bring the action, due to their financial dependence on the victim’s income. These lost wages along with medical and hospital costs, emotional pain and suffering, and costs related to burial and funeral arrangements may all be part of the damages in a wrongful death case. This type of action can be brought regardless of whether the state thinks criminal charges related to the death are necessary, as wrongful death lawsuits are exclusively civil matters. 

Speak with an attorney in your state

There are lawyers in Tennessee who focus on assisting car accident victims and filing lawsuits when necessary. To learn more, contact:

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