Three things for drivers who were in single vehicle accidents to know in Georgetown County

Georgetown County, SC – There are a number of dangers on the road that can cause or contribute to motor vehicle accidents. Not all collisions involve two or more vehicles due to some of these dangers, and many car crashes only involve a single vehicle. A person who is involved in a single car crash is in a slightly different situation than those involving another driver, and they can get legal advice to determine how to proceed after their crash. Here are a few important facts about single vehicle collisions. 

The accident should be reported 

Drivers in South Carolina should notify their insurance company of any accident, as this is required by the terms of their policy. This is true even for single vehicle accidents. The insurance company may still provide compensation to help pay for the damage even in situations where no other drivers were involved. Although this can depend on the specifics of the policy in place at the time of the crash. The accident should also be reported to the police if there is property damage or injuries.  

There can be many causes of single vehicle accidents aside from driver error

While it is easy to assume that every single vehicle collision is the result of the driver making some kind of mistake, this is not always necessarily true. Things like road debris and obstacles, severe weather, wild animals crossing the road, other drivers who drove recklessly but avoided the crash, and construction zones and equipment can all be factors. If a party such as a local government that maintains the roads or a construction company was at fault, they may be implicated in a lawsuit. 

Who is most likely to be named as a defendant in a single vehicle accident lawsuit?

There are a few ways that others get implicated in single vehicle crashes. One problem is faulty parts or vehicle maintenance which can cause a car manufacturer or repair shop to potentially become liable. Car manufacturers are regularly named in products liability lawsuits. Another is a local government if they have unsafe roads and they did not make efforts to clear or fix a roadway that presents an obvious danger. 

Accident lawyers in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm is a firm that works with accident victims throughout Georgetown County and the rest of South Carolina. Those who need to get advice about how to proceed following a collision can meet with their lawyers to get advice. 

USAttorneys.com is a website that helps people find a lawyer who can solve their problems. Anyone who needs assistance can call 800-672-3103 to get a referral to a licensed attorney.

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